How did i live without these recipes…

I shared with you recently about my budget friendly Aldi’s trip.
I have to say I repeated the trip again and we are still loving it.
I altered the recipes a little so that it did not feel like we are eating the same stuff.

Today I wanted to share with you two of the recipes that I love from the meal plan…
remember all ingredients were purchased at Aldi’s…minus staples i had at home already

Meal One:  Whole Chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and a veggie…

I know this sounds simple but my kids love it and that works for me
 (keep that chicken carcass! Boil it to make chicken stock to use in your chicken and sausage jambalaya. Also, keep 1-2 C. of diced chicken too.) Roast chicken is SO easy 

I found the best tutorial on roasting a whole chicken in your crock pot
and the how to make your own chicken stock in the crock pot too! 
check it out here…

Meal two: Chicken and smoked sausage jambalaya

I used this recipe from Allrecipes and just omitted the shrimp and hot spices. I also changed the ground sausage to smoked sausage I had leftover chicken from meal one, and used the carcass to create my chicken stock.

These two meals made more than enough for my family of 5 (two adults, 1 tween and two littles)

I included my list for Aldi’s below… 

What about you? 
Do you have any great recipes you can share…

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