Hi there. It’s me Chrissy

Hi there,  i have been gone for so long that i feel like i should reintroduce myself to you. Is it necessary? i don’t know but i’ll do it anyway and then we can talk about what’s next.

I’m Chrissy. i’m a 35 (or 34, i can never remember, wait i’m 35, yup that’s right) year old stay at home mom of 3. married to the guy i have been with since my sophomore year of high school. We just celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. (here are some fun old anniversary posts i did one, two, three)

i have crohn’s disease. Recently the Lord has taken away so many of my awful symptoms. This has allowed me to enjoy foods i have not had in over 5 years. As a way to thank God for his healing my family is running the color run this summer. i am not one to do physical exercise so this is my way of showing thanks.

i am a recovering craft supply hoarder. i have recently learned that i can bless so many other people by using the supplies i have hoarded over the last 10 years. (each supply used up may sting a little but i am brave) It is nice to finally see some open spaces on my shelves so i can fill them with new goodies. it also means i have been crafting like crazy over here. my newest obsession is making wood signs. i have shared many of them on my instagram account if you want to check them out.

one last thing. in the past it has been brought to my attention multiple times about my grammar, spelling and punctuation on the blog. For a while i actually had an editor who helped make sure all my sponsored posts were up to par. But as you can see from this post that’s not the case. It’s not for lack of smarts, i actually really like leaving my “i” lower case. there is something about that little dot that i find cute and endearing. so please know that when i am sharing a post from the heart all english class rules are off the table. it’s just my thing and i have been doing it since i started this blog back in 2006.

Now for the future. Where is the pearl blog headed? hopefully i can return here and again share posts about my life, family, Jesus and of course crafts. i want this to be a place where i can be me and not feel obligated to post on certain days of the week regarding certain content. Yes I will share bible study notes, prayers, coffee date chats and home decor ideas, some of which may be sponsored. please do not view sponsored content as not authentic. i would not share a product or company with you that i don’t fully support and trust in. This blog does not run on fairy dust and does cost money so from time to time i need to make a little money to pay the bills. thanks for understanding and supporting me over here.

Well I’m off to clean, run errands, prep dinner and plan the rest of my week, and of course work on a few craft projects i started. see you later this week!

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