hello to november

hello to november hello monday

hello friends. now that the first full week of the month is here lets say hello to november, by greeting our upcoming plans.

hello cool fall weather. I am ecstatic about wearing lots of layers and boots, without sweating through my clothes like a tween. i cant forget that its leg warmer season. oh yes, i wear them, i wear them often, and i wear them proud. don’t judge.

leg warmers

hello thanksgiving. this will be the first year we get a chance at hosting a major holiday. I am looking forward to having our house full of family and friends. we finally have enough room seat more than 3 people around a dinner table. thank you Lord for providing more than we could ask or imagine!

hello grateful heart. I am so thankful for all the work God did on my heart during my “she is” series. I felt as though i couldn’t just stop. I wanted to look into how she would host for the holidays. so as mini series i am going to count down to thanksgiving. I will share recipes, decorations, hosting ideas and of course scripture to get you ready to celebrate. I will reference different topics we discussed during the #31days series, and show you how i am applying them to my life now. now what to name the series? any ideas?

hello house projects. I have been living on cloud nine, during this house decorating process. It’s been so fun to decorate with a purpose. I have even created a few projects i am a little overjoyed to show you. i have an updated gallery wall, a new DIY lamp shade, and a cute way to hang art.

hello new vacuum. I have never been so in love with something that sucked before.! ha ha moving on

what are you saying hello to this week? what can i join you in welcoming?

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