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Howdy Boerman Peeps…. I am THRILLED that I get to share one of my favorite “Frame Re-Purposing” projects with you today. We call it, “The Tray”. Yes, today we’ll be turning a cute little frame into a multi-functioning tray.
So, let me tell you a little about me!

·        I am a Christian, stay at home momma to two sweet kiddos {Jack is almost 4 & Abby is almost 2} I am married to a stud – a Marine of 13 years {yes, one of those tall bald, handsome & sexy men in that striking blue on blue uniform}.
·        Thanks to the Marines we’ve been living in NY about 3 hours from family BUT, now it’s time to head west and bask in the Southern California sun this fall!
·        Before kids I was a fortune 500 professional recruiter in DC, wearing dark suits, tall heels, valeting my car and going to swanky meals with clients; life has CHANGED; and i wouldn’t want it any other way. 

·        I am the editor & projects author to a group of girls over at FancyLittleThings.com. We post {fancy little} projects, home & garden inspiration, tester-approved recipes, amazing book reviews & much more!
·        In my “spare” time I design & develop websites, blogs, graphics and do a bit of writing at byAimee.com.

I’m here with a lovely little re-purposed frame project — let’s call it “the Tray”! You can make this in any size and place it in any area of your home. Just think…

  • a large frame tray placed on your coffee table holding all of your magazines, books & remotes — or a sweet little frame in my favorite teal color for your bathroom vanity or dresser with a bud vase, a bottle of lotion and a small dish to catch your earrings.

Mine found its home on our dining room table holding a “creative” napkin holder {a cylinder vase that was used in my wedding decor back in 2002}, fresh cut flowers & a little paperweight {gift from my dad back in the day}.

Isn’t this so sweet?! My kids are in AWE at every meal – Jack likes re-arranging the items on the tray and Abby can’t resist pulling out napkins.

Here’s your short list of materials:
  • a fun frame
{mine is OLD SKOOL – made out of plastic – go to your local thrift shop {or your parents frame collection} and look for an UGLY brown frame with lots of molding}
  • a can of primer & a can of white spray paint {or if you paint yours a darker color, you may not need to coat with primer}
  • a pretty sheet of srapbooking paper or fun fabric
  • tape & scissors

Step 1: wash frame & let it dry – add a layer of primer to cover that ugly old frame and then add some color… i love painting everything white and then i can have more fun with the inside of the frame!

Step 2: Get all of your supplies together and match the scrap book or fabric with your frame color {hint: white is ALWAYS easy to match}

Step 3: Cut your paper/fabric to size and secure to the backside of the frame using tape {if plastic} or thumb tacks {if wood} and secure the backing of the frame… if your frame sticks out in the back – you may need to add some felt pads.

Step 4: Place somewhere in your home that you can enjoy it!
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Will be trying this. Gives an pop to a room and is so simple.

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