hearing God’s voice

hearing God's voice

I recently started reading a new book called  A Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice  by Leighann McCoy
I really felt like God was instructing me to read this book.
I read the first chapter in a matter of hours and was overwhelmed by the information presented to me.

Today my family headed to the beach while I stayed home because I was not feeling the greatest.
I decided to pick up the book where I left off and continue reading.
Chapter 2 is all about Jacob’s story.
you can read about Jacob in Genesis chapters 27-33 and chapter 35.

This chapter completely overwhelmed me. I learned about how to wrestle with God, how to take hold of all God’s promises, and through the story of Jacob’s life I learned what it means to make mistakes and be forgiven and lean on the promises of God.
I learned a new way to pray, the way to Jacob prayed.

we find ourselves wrestling with God because we have lived for years in expectation of what God promised he would do. just like Jacob we anchor our hope on something we read or an experience we had with God.

Imagine tracing your own story back to a time in your life when you trusted God to fulfill your hopes and dreams. In your innocence you believed him. Now moving forward perhaps you are filled with fear and trembling. Are you willing to confront the skeletons of your past because God has directed your life thus far and you are almost certain that He has your treasure just on the other side of that person or situation that stands between you and your promise.

What will you do?
Jacob when faced with the very situation prayed.

Look at Genesis 32:9-12.
This is where Jacob prays
it’s honest, it’s direct, and it’s filled with God’s very own words.
let’s take a closer look.
#1 Jacob remembered who God is. verse nine
#2 Jacob remind reminded God of what he told him to do and what he promised what happened when he Obeyed. verses nine-twelve
#3 Jacob acknowledged what God had already done for him verse ten
#4 Jacob confessed his fear verse eleven
#5 Jacob professed his face verse twelve

Genesis 32:12

When we feel like standing next to the ford of the Jabbok pressed forward by faith and back by fear we need to pray like Jacob prayed.

1. We need to remember who God is: the Almighty, the powerful healer, the great physician, the One and Only, the Alpha and Omega
2. We need to remind God of what he told us to do and of what he promised he would do when we obeyed him. We need to share the promises that he is given us: Eternal life forgiveness, protection
3. We need to acknowledge all the things that God has already done for us: protected us from spiritual warfare, granted’s financial blessing,s provided safe relationships, Miraculous healing unexpected gifts, unexplained peace in times of trial
4. We need to confess our fear, God knows it’s there, we just need to confess that out loud: i’m scared of the unknown, not being able to plan for the future, The uncertainty of where we will live, fear that I will not be fully healed, fear of completely letting go of my medical care, fear of messing up my children, fear of not providing all the needs my husband requires of me
5. We need to profess our faith and anchor our profession of faith in the promises of God: Psalm 27:13-14 says I am confident of this I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living wait for the Lord be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord; 1 John 5:14-15 NCV says: this is the boldness we have in God’s presence that if we ask for anything that agrees with what he wants he hears us if we know he hears us every time we ask him we know we have what we ask from him

You see if we seek God in our decisions, no matter the mistakes that we made in the past, He is there, that He will be faithful in the promises he has given us.
psalm 145:13 says the Lord is trustworthy and all he promises and faithful in all he has done
friends will you memorize this verse with me this week

let’s pray
dear heavenly father we come before you with humble hearts. As we bow at your feet Jesus we are reminded of who you are: the Almighty, the protector, healer, Lord you are more than we can ask or imagine. Lord I am clinging to the promises you made to me that if I come to you you will guide me, you will direct me in the ways that I should go. father forgive me for being fearful of that plan, forgive me for wanting to take control and know the future before you are ready to present it to me. Lord I’m scared, I’m scared of the unknown, I’m scared of not being able to see far enough into the Future. I’m scared that my children are getting let down, that they’re becoming anxious and worried about the plan that you have for us. father I just ask that you continue to calm our hearts, give us a peace that cannot come from anything but YOU. Lord God protect our family against Satan’s evil schemes and temptations. protect us from trying to take control of the situation, of trying to jump ahead of the Plan you have for us. Father I come to you reminding you of the promise you gave us in Psalm 27: that we will see the goodness of you if we wait for you that we need to be strong and take heart and wait for you Lord the father. I’m asking you give me the strength to do that. that you give me the patience in the obedience to wait on your timing; on your perfect timing. father be with those who are here today. bless them Guide them, allow them to see you in all that they are doing Lord. I ask that you surround them with godly, Jesus loving people. Lord thank you for all that you’ve done in our lives. thank you for the abundant blessings that you have given our family Lord. in Jesus precious name we pray. amen

If you are interested in reading this book along with me i highly recommend it. I was given this book to read and review from BethanyHouse. You can snag a copy on Amazon, ChristianBook.com

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