Health update….

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes this week.
I wanted to give you a brief health update on what’s going on with me medically.

We ended our vacation on Lake Michigan Saturday morning.
I knew something was not quite right all week. I was feeling a little sore and was suspicious that an abscess was brewing.

By Saturday night i was positive it there and had doubled in size. I knew the ER was the next step. But there was no way I wanted to fight the Saturday night crowd that usually filled out local ER.

I knew that if I did have an abscess that surgery was going to happen, so trying to be proactive I stopped eating Saturday night, I did not want to delay the process.

I left for the emergency room about 11:30am on Sunday morning. My sister in law Jen was my driver. I never even had a chance to sit in the waiting room. I was brought right to a room. Yeah. I saw the ER doc shortly after getting in my bed. He noticed the abscess right away and called my surgeons office to see who was on call.

We waited in the room for a few hours after that. but don’t worry my sister in law jen was the perfect entertainment.

By 4pm I had yet to see my surgeon but was told I would be admitted to the hospital and was scheduled for surgery that night. Eeek. Apparently they know me enough to Know that if I come in, it’s serious and that surgery is always the next step. I was taken to the operating room before 5pm I believe. Everything went smooth. I had an abscess removed and another area operated on.

I was given the choice to stay the night or go home after surgery. Originally I was going to go home but I was pretty uncomfortable after surgery and opted to stay one night. I was glad I did. Having the extra care for the night was just what I needed.

I headed home around noon on Monday. I am recovering well. I am under strict orders by friends and family to rest. But let me tell you. When your house is full of people trying to pack your life in boxes, it’s hard of sit still. But I was a good patient and sat in bed. Today I am trying to be good as well. Although there is no one watching over me right now. Ha. My babysitter Jen will be back soon to make sure I don’t do anything fun I am sure.

Thanks again everyone for all your prayers. I know that’s what kept things going so smooth for me. Keep praying for fast healing and a full recovery.

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  1. Aww, this makes me sad. I’m praying for you, Chrissy. I hope you’ve healed up by now.

  2. Oh sweetie when I saw your pictures I figured this is what happened… Just want you to know that I have been praying for you steadfastly! We have a couple of good friends with Crohn’s and are being to get a glimpse into what you experience…. get plenty of rest and know that we continue to pray for you!


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