Guest post with Gin {Life as Topher’s Mama}

Hey friends I want to introduce to you one of my favorite bloggy friends Gin!

Not only is she an amazing momma, writer and blog bff, she is so honest and loving. She is a faithful commentor. She is encouraging and uplifting. She wears her heart on her sleeve. 
Welcome Gin to Boerman Ramblings…


Hi! I’m gin and I write a little blog called, “Life as Topher’s Mama.”

Yes, it’s a mishmash of topics.  Nobody puts Ginny in a niche! (Name that movie and I’ll love ya forever!)

I mentioned my newfound love of crafting; yes, I am a newbie crafter.  After looking around my house and feeling sad at the blankness of the walls and disgusted that no stores carry exactly what we want, I asked myself a crazy question:

Why can’t I just make it myself?

My internet searches began and I  found some awesome tutorials.  You could say that I am officially a tutorial junkie.   Here are some tutorials I have conquered:

I am so well versed in tutorials that I can spot a good one from a mile away.  I know many of you readers are crafty ladies who like to share your talent with the world.  First of all, I say thank you!  I need you in my life and can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.   Since I am so dependent on tutorials, I thought I would share a few tips on how to make your tutorial great.

  1. Have your camera with you and take a lot of pictures, even if you won’t use all of them.
  2. Use good lighting and colors that are easily distinguishable.  A white background helps but isn’t absolutely necessary.
  3. When writing directions, make them single step and as simple as possible.  Avoid multi-step instructions if you can (I know sometimes you can’t.)
  4. Always assume your reader has no clue.  That’s not to say treat your reader like she’s dumb, but assume she knows nothing about crafting (this is me in a nutshell; a no nothing when it comes to crafting).

What I’ve learned as a new crafter is that tutorials are a great way to inspire original creativity.  Here are a few things I’ve created sans tutorial:

I want to say a huge thank you to Chrissy for having me over today!  She is inspiration incarnate and I love seeing the beautiful things she creates.  

Feel free to pop by Life As Topher’s Mama any time and say hi; I’m a pretty nice gal {unless I haven’t had my coffee}.


Well friends, what did I tell you? 
Awesome right.
Head over to Gin’s blog , today she is showing you a simple yet fun way to fix an outfit!
And I would like to add she looks fab doing it!
Don’t forget she is having a super Mack Daddy Scentsy giveaway until tonight (may 17th) at 6pm. I suggest you enter now. 
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  1. Yea Gin! Great post! New follower via Life as Topher’s Mom!

  2. Awesome!! Loving all those tutorials – and your versions too!! :]

  3. Great Job Gin !love it!

  4. Two of my favorite bloggy girls in one place? Heaven I tell ya!

    Good job to both of you on this post!

  5. Great tips! I’ve thought of doing a few tutorials but the actual idea of posting what I am doing in a cohesive manner is overwhelming!

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