she is …what the gospel says about her

welcome to my 31 day series of she is …

she is

during this 31 days i hope to uncover what the gospel really says about who ” she is “.

i am going to search the bible for examples of who she is, share my vision of the modern day she is, provide scripture, style, truths about who she is.

i was inspired by the tweets, instagrams and facebook messages about the talk Jessi did at the influence conference. She shared about femininity. Although i have not idea what she actually said i felt very connected to the topic by the quotes i read online.

i know God has something profound to teach me during these 31 days. when you start to feel attacked and uncertain you know satan is trying to stop you. will you pray with me and for me that God’s word will be shared truthfully, that satan does not stop me from digging deeper.

thank you friends. see you tomorrow when we find out WHO she is.

day 1: she is …what the gospel says about her
day 2: who she is …
day 3: lies we believe about who she is
day 4: truths about who she is
day 5: what she might look like
day 6: scripture says she is
day 7: she is … hayley morgan
day 8: how she treats her home
day 9: she is your family
day 10: she is being watched
day 11: she is simple
day 12: she is enough
day 13: scripture tells her
day 14: she is Jami Nato
day 15: she is inspired
day 16: she is still, quiet, and patient
day 17: she is modest
day 18: she is your friend
day 19: her home smells of God’s grace
day 20: scripture reminds her
day 21: she is … Jessi Connolly
day 22: her battle cry
day 23: God says she is not
day 24: she is … emily anderson
day 25: she sings prasies to Him
day 26: she reads
day 27: scripture encourages her
day 28: she is a princess
day 29: resources about who she is
day 30: how God changed my view on who she is
day 31: she is recap of our 31 days

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