God knows what we need

God knows

I started a new adventure last week…
BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

I signed up after a few friends (Andrea, Beth, Kristin) shared with me time and time again about how amazing BSF is.

2 years ago I was attending MOPS, woman’s bible study, and Woman’s leadership Development forum at our church.
Then God had other plans and asked to us change our lives and switch churches. (more on that later)

Our new church is about 30 minutes from our home.
With my health last year not being so great attending a class, let alone one 30 minutes away was not in the cards.

But this year is different. God has made it clear I needed to be in community more and be in His word daily, studying deeper his word and learning more about the plan he has for my life.

This led me to signing up for a local BSF group. I did not know a single person attending when I signed up. I had to use google maps just to find the church.

I left the first meeting feeling a little alone, but sure that this was where God wanted me.
I knew that he was going to get me through this.

I left the second meeting feeling relieved I actually knew two people in my group.

That brings me to this weeks meeting.
I left 100% sure that this was where God wanted me to be.

He placed three women in my group that can relate to me on a level that not a lot of others can. They understand the life of chronic illness. They understand looking good on the inside and feeling awful inside. They understand what it feels like being surrounded by people but feeling so alone.

Now I don’t want to leave out the rest of group. They are amazing. Honestly I did not join BSF looking for friends but I am gaining a whole bunch. The different stories and personalities in the group are just what I need. I appreciate the rawness in sharing what we learned and also in sharing lifes struggles. I appreciate being prayed over by women I know are God fearing, Jesus loving, Bible truth seeking believers.

God is so good.
He knew exactly what I needed and knew exactly how to give it to me. Just another time he has proven to me that I am not in control and that he knows what’s good for me.

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