Getting my booth ready…part one sign tutorial

I knew that once I committed to doing this Girls night out
that I would be opening up a whole new world

by that I mean,
how to stage my products.
I have so many ideas that I am not exactly sure where to start!

First things first
I need people to know where they are shopping
when they come to my table.

I showed you last week this cute little sign I made.

I wanted it to be simple,clean, easy to read
and of course the colors of my shop brand

Here is how this beauty came to life.

I bought this wall hanging after Valentines day
forgot to take a before picture but it looked similar to this:

I pulled off the giant heart and sanded down the letters
I then spray painted it with a Matte white paint

Did I mention that I got it super cheap?
I only paid $0.79 for it!

originally $7.99

I used my business card as inspiration for my color scheme
I did not have to buy anything else for this project
I have an over abundance of scrapbook paper at my house!

I wrote out my word on a scarp piece of paper
then labeled each letter with what color they would be
G – green, DB- dark blue, B- blue, Y- yellow (repeat)

got out my cricut

I used a piece of purple scrap paper
to make a practice run of letter sizes

then I started cutting out my letters
repeating letters that were a little damaged in the process

the progression…

before it was even glued down I fell in love…

I used painters taped and my level to make a straight line across the bottom of the sign

I used my trusty Mod Podge to glue the letters down

I marked the center of the board with a pencil

I glued down my letter c first since it needed to be centered.

I then laid all the other letters on the board to make sure they fit correctly

before gluing I cut away some of the painters tape
so that the longer letters could be glued down all the way

once all the glue was dry I removed the blue tape

to make sure the letters were safe
I coated the entire front of the board
with a layer of Mod Podge

there you have it!
The perfect sign for my booth

I can not wait to show you the rest of the treasures i made for my table!

Do you have a sign for your shop, craft table booth?
I would love to see it and any other ideas/suggestions you may for my table?

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  1. i “simply” love it girl!
    the cricut somes in handy for some much more than scrapbooking right? {clapping hands} oooooo i cannot wait to see all your other goodies!

    Oh guess what? I awarded you a Lovely Blog Award today…i think you’re pretty swell! =)

  2. It’s beautiful, Chrissy!! Not sure how you do it, but you always seem to figure out the absolute coolest things to make!!! You are awesome!!!

  3. Ummm Simply Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Great job, love the colors. Very eye catching.

  4. I am really glad you posted this! I am wanting to make a sign like this for my co-workers that says, “Yours, mine, ours” (long story on the meaning, but lets just say we’re working on teamwork). Anyway, I have the wood for it but didn’t know how to start for the letters. Thanks for showing me the way!

  5. You are so crafty!

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