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friday recap

I can not believe we are already back for another friday recap. I feel like I was just here yesterday. But of course I wasn’t because yesterday I was sharing with you my DIY house project list.

Today I am going to link up my weeks instagram pictures with jeannett, and my five life moments with Emmy.

Let’s start with the friday 5:

  1. we finished the kitchen cabinets. after 7 long days they are done.
  2. I have almost finished Jen Hatmakers book 7, and feel like I need to move to austin, tx and become her BFF.
  3. The Lord has been doing some major work in my heart since the IF:gathering. He is changing my schedule, my thoughts, my likes, my convictions, my plans. It’s all good, but still hard at times. I am excited to see where being in full submission brings me.
  4. I am about to start reading the Nesting place by myquillyn smith, which means my DIY house project list will probably grow.
  5. I am hoping to create a summer bucket list with my kids, and actually complete said list! *hoping-not promising*

Instagram recap:

I first gave u’all (my michigan way of saying y’all, less yah and more u – I know you just said it out loud to hear the difference) a glimpse at my most recent house project with a shot of my painted hand. later I teased with a painted trim picture but never mentioned what the project was.

painted white trim

I am pretty sure a professional painter is not in my future , my hashtag for this picture was the first clue to was what I was painting #ipromisethereisactuallypaintonthecabinetsandnotjustme)

finally on friday I gave in and shared the big project, tackling our kitchen cabinets, just looking at this picture gives my anxiety all over again.

and then the angels sang and the painted ended

and the fully finished cabinets with handles and knobs

I love seeing my kids personalities in how/where I find their toys. Here you see that Lennie truly believes Pascal is trust worthy. Who else would you ask to guard your money??

I did some major house cleaning this week and it felt so good to sit in a clean living room, and of course admiring my #closetoffice

and to make it better God provided a beautiful sunshine, providing the perfect place to sit and read my book

Yesterday I added new fresh flowers to my DIY mason jar wall vases! thanks to the best MOPS craft coordinator ever!

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  1. emmymom2 says:

    Your kitchen looks great! I have always wanted to paint kitchen cabinets but in the end have chickened out- I would totally be a mess while doing it, I am definitely a messy crafter. I have definitely found the more that i turn my life over the better life is. At times it might seem crazy and like really, this is what is wanted but it is so much better in the end, He knows. Thank you for your post!

  2. Love your closet office!

  3. Your kitchen turned it lovely! I love the one glass door cabinet with the Orange behind it. So pretty!

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