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This is my first time linking up for Friday letters ( on Saturday lol)

I thought it would be a fun idea since I didn’t have time to do my coffee date vlog for you today.

Dear God I just want you to know that I’m holding tight to you right now. I’m trying to change some things but it’s getting really difficult. I realize how dependent I was on other things and I’m learning to completely rely on you. Please be patient with me as a try to be a better child to you. Thank you

Dear husband I am so sorry for my attitude. Sorry for my crazy mood swings, lack of patience, my short attention span, and my increased volume when speaking. I love you and I appreciate all that you do for our family. Thank you for never giving up on me and always reminding me to stay focused on Christ.

Dear kids forgive me for being a crummy mom lately. I shouldn’t yell I shouldn’t scream and I shouldn’t be so demanding. I’m going to work on these things and try to be better to all of you. Thank you for all your help keeping the house clean. I look forward to spending this next two weeks at home with the family hanging out and doing fun stuff.

Dear friends sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I have been going through some things. i was trying to handle this on my own without asking for help or telling anybody. And I realize it puts me in a little bit of a slump and the first thing that gets neglected is the blog. So here I am asking for your forgiveness and promising to at least try to do better next week.

Dear Starbucks could you please lower your prices a little bit. This way I wouldn’t feel so guilty stopping by to visit you a couple times a week.

Dear friends have you been following Sheldon and his crazy adventures. I really think that he’s been good for our family. We don’t do Santa at our house but my kids seem just as excited daily to see what Sheldon’s going to do. even know they know I’m the one doing it. It’s also been nice not to have to hide wrapped presents because they know that I am the one giving them. So stay tuned there is a possibility that Sheldon may soon visit you in book form.

you can follow him via the #sheldonwashere on instagram

Dear self, remember to not be so hard on you. Remember to take time to pray and ask for help when you’re stressed. Remember to reach out to all the people that care about you when you need a break. Don’t forget to get up early and get dressed before the kids to help start the day good for everyone.


Dear God thank you for sending your son Jesus to be born in a manger. Thank you for the miracle that he is. thank you for allowing him to become flesh to die to be raised to life after three days so that I may have eternal life. Thank you that we can openly praise you worship you and glorify you here in America. Thank you. Thank you for letting us know that we are never alone you’ll always be here for us.

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