Friday letters…

Friday letters

Dear God, I don’t even know where to begin. The power of your word has been shown in a very tangible way recently. I am in awe of the power of prayer. You gave us authority in the name of Jesus, seeing (well hearing really) that power actually heal someone is mind blowing. Thank you Lord for your gracious gift.Dear husband, congratulations on another round of good grades. Although all the blood sweat and tears doesn’t seem worth it at times. Your continuation of being obedient to God is such a blessing to our family. Dear friend, how can I pray for you? I am joining a royal daughter in the #prayerdare and I would feel honored to pray for you. Please leave your prayer request in the comments below or email me. Dear sick germs, leave. You’re not welcome here. You never wear. You been staying with us for over two weeks and it’s way past time to move along. Dear kids please know daddy and I are praying hard for you. We are praying especially for your health although I truly hate when you’re sick I have enjoyed the extra snuggle time with you. Dear mailman thank you for dropping off more Fantastic Joannes coupons. I know you must hate the below freezing temperatures,sleet and 5 inch snowdrifts but the money I saved because of your hard work is a glass half full way to see it. Right? Dear readers, thanks for all the encouraging comments,emails, tweets and Facebook posts. It means a lot to know you are listening.

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