Friday letters..


Dear God thank you for the beautiful snow. I know I prayed for a big snowfall so my children can play outside, but the negative degree weather is not an extra bonus in my book. Dear husband congratulations on doing such a good job in school this past week. We are so proud of you and all the hard work you’re putting into this program. I know that God is going to bless you for your faithfulness and obedience. It’s hard to believe where we were five years ago to where we are now. God is good. Dear children thank you for helping me keep the house clean this week. I hope that the weather warms up a little so you can play outside soon. Dear friends thank you from the lessons you taught me this week. Thank you for always standing by me. I look forward to hanging out And bring silly soon. Dear Pastor Jim this past sermon was another great one and a big eye-opener to me. Sometimes I feel like you have a inside sneak peek in my life and thoughts. you always know exactly what to preach at the right time. God is definitely using you for amazing transformations in our congregation. We are blessed to have such a Godly man to teach us His word. Dear winter if you are going to keep giving us negative degree temperatures I will take back my last letter about requesting a snowfall. This -9° is uncalled for, and just plain rude. Dear sewing machine I am so glad we were able to hang out again this week. I feel like my old self again. It’s been really fun trying out new patterns I bought online and creating my very own one of a kind pattern. Dear readers thank you for your positive feedback during my blog transfer. Just a reminder to click on the little RSS feed tab so you can stay connected to the most recent posts. I’d hate for you to miss something, especially a big giveaway that’s coming up.

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