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today’s friday letter is going to be a little different.
today is my hubby’s 32nd birthday
today’s friday letter is just for him!

dear hubbby,
i am love you! Happy birthday!
i can hardly believe that this is the 14th birthday we have celebrated together!
I am so very thankful for you. I know the Lord chose you for me because you make me a better person, a better christian, a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend. although we do not always agree on everything, like the fact that chocolate is better than cheese, you are still my bestie! or at least one of them, ha! the last two years we have grown so much closer and i can only thank the Lord for that. he has allowed us to overcome some pretty tough obstacles from our past. he has healed both of us. Our love is so much stronger and real. it’s hard to believe that i can love you this much more after so many years together.

you are an outstanding dad. the time and special attention you give each one of our children makes me fall in love with you over and over again! I appreciate how you know when i need a minute and step up to take over.

i am grateful for that fact that you do not look at household chores as only women’s work. i appreciate your laundry and dish washing skillz!

the way you obey God’s plans, even when they seem crazy to us, is such a great example for our family. I know school has not been easy to start again but you are doing the Lord’s work and he will continue to bless you as you follow his plan. Our life has changed so much recently. i can hardly believe that someday you are going to be a pastor and i’ll be a pastor’s wife! I’ll love you just as much for being a pastor as i do love you as a semi truck driver. the hard work and dedication you put into each job is proof you love us!

I hope your birthday is blessed this year, more than in the past. I hope that God will reveal a little glimpse of his plans for you.

my prayer for you this year is to seek God, and listen for his answer. for you to have time to wait for the Lord to respond, not to rush but be quiet and relax in his presence.

I love you honey and am bragging all the time to be married to such a wonderful, God fearing, Jesus loving sinner, saved by grace!

you wife,

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  1. Aww looks like your husband’s a keeper!! I am so inspired by your Christ centered relationship!

    And I loove your outfit in those pictures! So cute!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!
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