Friday Letters…

Fridays Letters

thanks again for joining me as i share my friday letters to people/situations/things from my past week.

dear God, you are most powerful and i am in awe of you. your creation is breath taking. the way the sun shines on the snow just right to make it look like it’s been sprinkled with pixie dust is stunning and magnificent.

dear Hubby, i am so glad you are home from Israel. that was a long 10 days without you. we are so sorry you are not feeling well though. but at least i get to take extra special care of you while you recover at home with us!

dear winter, it’s time for you to leave now. i hear that it’s not classy to hang around this long. it’s also very rude to allow 60 degree temps one week and then bring ice storms days later. I would hate for you to have such a bad rap with everyone here in the north. so take my advice and pack it up and allow spring to visit us for a while.

dear flu, GO AWAY. you are not wanted now or ever. please stop making everyone i know so sick. you have tortured too many in my family and i have had it with your long lasting fevers.

dear readers, i am so encouraged my your comments and emails. this week has been amazing and i have you to thank for it! if there is something i am doing right please let me know so i can keep it up as well if you see things i could improve!

dear ebooks, i have such a love for you right now. i have read 3 of you this week and have a plethora of notes to look over and lots of ideas to implement.

dear Jesus, i loved meeting with you so many times this week. i wish i would have realized earlier that if i invite you into every situation you will not disappoint me and you always show up. not only have you shown up you have made it very obvious to me that you are there sitting with me. seeing your light shine is beyond words.

dear lent, i welcome you with open arms. i am looking forward to sharing what i hope to learn this Lenten season.


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