friday coffee date … where is the creamer

friday coffee date

Hello *hug* thanks for coming over for coffee
like i tell you every week, our friday coffee date is my favorite part of the week

lets pray:
dear Heavenly Father,
we come before you today with thankful hearts. thankful for your love, grace and salvation. Father i am thankful that when o feel distant from you, all i need to do is whisper your name, and you will make yourself know to me. Lord God help us to focus our eyes on you and not the false gods of this world. forgive us Lord for creating idols other than you. Other people, possessions, and status often sneak in and try yo take your spot as number one. Help us Father to resist the temptation. Lord please be with my friend reading this today. help them to seek your face, to seek your will, no matter the uncertainty, help them to desire only you Lord. Lord, help us to decrease so you can increase. In Jesus precious name we pray, amen

If you were here for coffee right now you may wonder where the plethora of creamers are. i am out okay, thanks for making me feel bad. honestly, coffee has upset my stomach this week. fortunately Starbucks has been tolerated fine, it’s just store-bought creamer making me feel ill. I see that as a win.

Starbucks coffee

if you were here for coffee right now i would tell you the weather has been great. lots of sun, rain when needed, not too many storms, and the humidity has been mostly tolerable. maybe you disagree with me but when we spent multiple days last week at a friends pool the weather did not seem so bad to me!

living the dream

if you were here for coffee right now i would tell you “selling your house is stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting”. But knowing that God asked us to do it, at this exact time, is the only thing keeping me going. If we did not feel this is what God wants I would go rip the sign out of the yard and say forget it, we are staying. I say this because we have had so many showings and NOT ONE offer. i think i set myself up for failure when i listened to everyone tell me my house would sell the first week. instead of listening to God and his plan. and to be honest there have only been 2 houses we have actually liked online this whole time. since our budget is not huge, finding a house with the desired bedrooms is not a simple task. Needless to say, God has a house for us, maybe its already listed online, maybe its still in process.

Deuteronomy 30:20

If you were here for coffee i would tell you showings are the pits. I am afraid to turn one down because it could be “the one”. I just hate having to load the car up and leave for an hour when we should be eating lunch, or dinner, or when the kids should have already been in bed. eeekkk. sorry about the complaining, i just needed to get it out. I’m done.
moving on

if you were here for coffee i would tell you about the amazing brands i have been working with. I feel it’s a real blessing to be able to provide for my family while enjoying some pretty great products. it almost feels like stealing!

#betternights #Pmedia

if you were here for coffee i would tell you i created. like made a huge mess of beautifulness, created. i love creating and it fills my bucket. I have been working on items to refill my etsy shop.

Simply Created

if you were here for coffee i would tell i need to run. the kids are all waking up and begging for food. rude i know.

Have a blessed week friend. I look forward to hanging out again next week.

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Friday Coffee Date

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  1. i love reading what’s on your heart in these coffee date posts. push through these house showings lady! you can do it!
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