friday coffee date on saturday!


hey there friend. sorry i missed you for coffee yesterday.
i hope you don’t mind that i had to move our coffee date to saturday!
Saturdays are a good day for a friday coffee date, right!?!

before we catch up lets take a minute to give this time to God.
Dear heavenly father, i just want to thank you for this day that you have given us, we rejoice in the fact that we are able to serve such a gracious, forgiving, and loving Lord. I ask for you to be with us doing our coffee date today. protect our conversations. protect our words. protect our hearts. I am begging you for extra measures of grace and peace during this house selling time. I just ask that you continue to use this time to grow me, to further my relationship with you, and to strengthen my relationship with my husband. father I’m just thankful for all these friends that I have. for their love, for their support, for their prayers, and encouragement. but most importantly for the convictions that they bring to light. I’m just thankful for friends that are willing to speak truth into my life whether it’s easy or not, and not matter how un-pretty. Lord I know that it is not easy to show someone where they are sinning in their lives and to tell them they hurt you. father I am blessed to have women like this in my life that are willing to forgive me for things that I’ve done, for hurting them. I ask for you yo help me continue to change into becoming a better friend, and become more careful of how i use my word. would you please be with my friends today, just bless them an immeasurable way, allow them to see your fingerprints all over. In Jesus precious name we pray, amen.

if you were here with me for coffee today i would probably give you an air hug! We had an early showing this morning and needed to be out of the house by 8:45am. let’s just say the kids were not happy! Little man had a great idea and said since i am running a 5k next weekend i should probably get a run in. So off to the track we went. I only did 1 mile, but sweated like i did 3! that is the reason for the air hug. to protect you!

if you were here for coffee i would have to let you know we are out of creamer. looks like the hubby drank it all this morning before heading to work. so would you like hot tea instead? i do have iced peace tea too. maybe you are hardcore and drink your coffee black? I added lots of vanilla almond milk, caramel and chocolate syrup to mine, oh and some startbucks peppermint flavoring! not the greatest but it works.

if you were here for coffee i would tell you about how the Lord has really been working on me these last 2 months. He has opened my eyes to so many things. He is teaching me to WAIT and to fully trust his plan. That is def not easy but i am learning.

if you were here for coffee i would tell you all about the book that is changing my lifeA Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice  by Leighann McCoy This book has been life changing for me. I know that the Lord chose this book for me to read during this phase of my life. Learning to hear God is something i have been longing for. I especially needed to hear him during this house mess!

hearing Gods voice

if you were here for coffee i would show you all the jewelry i have created this week. I am not sure when i got bit by the creative bug but man it worked! I am on a roll and can not seem to stop!



if you were here for coffee i would of course talk about the weather! It’s crazy yo! I mean really, we go from 90’s and 90% humidity to 60’s-70’s! I am thankful for a break from the sticky hotness. i almost forgot what it was like to wear jeans and a cardigan! HA

if you were here for coffee i would show you the newest piece of art i added to my gallery wall. I am participating in a monthly #bloggerexchange. Each month there is a theme and new partner. for july the box need to be filled with items from your home state! Look at this amazing wood art my partner made. next week i will tell you all about her and show you the other goodies she sent.


SINCE you ARE HERE for coffee right now i wanted to let you in my insta-sale i have going on right now. If you would like to purchase any of these necklaces just leave your paypal email in the comments or send me an email. The price is listed next to each necklace. price INCLUDES shipping. ask about special pricing when purchasing multiple items.


Have a great day friends. Don’t forget to hop on over and see who Alyssa has hosting coffee today!

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