Friday Coffee Date.. let’s sit and chat …

Hey friend!.
I am overjoyed that you could join me for coffee.

If we were really sitting together today I would first and always hug you.
I am a hugger, can’t help it.
Next, I would would tell you that my coffee is too strong here.
If I am being honest I am a coffee wimp but must have it daily.
I like cheap coffee, like dollar store instant coffee cheap.

I know what you are thinking, gross.. but honestly it’s the way i prefer coffee
The hubby drinks coffee like normal people: coffee grounds in coffee maker, watch it brew, ect
me not so much!

I would also tell you about this crazy fun journal swap i joined a few weeks ago.
I am anxiously awaiting my journal to arrive, but in the meantime, this bad boy showed up.

Alek’s, the  swap coordinator (and one of my newest friends) sent me this personalized bookmark to use with my journal.
I would tell you that it was super personal and she even used my favorite color!

If you were right next to me I would very humbly ask you to feel my hair.
You know in a creepy, run your fingers through it kind of way!
No,  really I would.
I received a sample of shampoo in the mail and thought, what the heck, I’ll try it!

It’s called Fekkai, and it smelled great and made my hair, shinny, soft, and smooth!
I would then tell you that although I loved it, I do not love the price, (16 oz. $39.00)
not sure that fit’s in my budget for 2012! Oh wait I am sure it does not!

Once I get your attention back, because you can not stop playing with my ober soft hair,
I would rave about a brownie recipe i tried last week.
What, you don’t put Black beans in your brownies!

I know what you are thinking.. gross. but don’t knock it until you try it.
My blog crush friend Jami shared the recipe on her blog and I had to try them.
next up her garbanzo bean blondies.

If you were with me I would ask to use your cell phone.
Of course I have one, but mine is not cool like yours, no internet…
Yikes, how does one live, trust me I am trying to upgrade (anyone willing to pay for me to have an Internet phone, or buy me an ipad 2 just email me)

okay back to why i needed your phone
I want to show you my newest sponsor  Swanky Shank

Check out her paper doll ties for boys… amazing.. and I get one soon for Nancy.. Yippie!

you can find her on facebook, etsy shop, blogtwitter

hey, hey.. okay put the phone away, we are supposed to be chatting here, you can make your purchase later!

If you were sitting with me I would tell you I am doing well with my 1LW for 2012
but I still need your prayers. There are times when I really have to bite my tongue,
when I have to fight with all my being to not say something.

Well friend, I have to run soon. Thanks so much for sitting with me.
but before I go, How are you? I would love to know something exiting from your week.
Also can you share a prayer request, I would love to pray for you!

Don’t forget when you get your coffee refill you can sit and chat with Alissa from  Rags to Stitches,

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