Friday Coffee date.. let’s chat

Hey there friend.
I am so glad that you came back today.
I did not mean to leave you alone last week.
I was so tired and feeling overwhelmed that i did not even log onto my computer for like 3 days.

Friend if you were here with me I would hug you, tell you that you looks great and then pray for us.
Lord, We thank you, we thank you for everything you give us in life, whether that be people, things, blessing and even hardships. Lord we know you have our best interest in mind. Father I am asking for some extra blessing for my friend today. Lord God you know what she needs right and I ask you that bless her father with those things she needs. Lord I ask for extra strength this weekend as I am a wedding planner for a friends wedding. I ask that you keep me healthy and allow my joints to be pain free. Lord again we thank you for this time to sit and chat, please bless our time together and may our conversation be pleasing to you.  In yours son’s precious name, amen. 

Friend how are you? what’s new? what did i miss last week?

Before i begin my normal ramble let me apologize for not having my 1 yr WIWW recap post up yesterday. I was super busy with wedding stuff and did not finish it. Look for it next week.

I have all the little things i needed to make finished for the wedding.
Hairpieces, brooches, and garters!

I have been practicing how I would do my hair for the wedding.
Is it weird for a wedding planner to worry about that? Too bad.

round brush and root lifter equals big hair… YIKES
tamed.. much better….

I went to see a friend at the Salon she works at to get help with what to do.
She ended up cutting, styling and adding something fun to my hair…

ignore the stress acne!

That’s right, the beyond talented girls at Profile Salon now have colored hair extensions…
If you are local I would recommend heading there now and getting ahead of the trend.
don’t wait till it’s too late…

Friend if you were here right now you may have noticed my new pillow.
Yeah it’s that cute! My sweet friend Virginia sent it to me.

Today my day is going to full of making wedding timelines, decorating and primping…

Well friend hate to cut coffee short but i have to run! see you later this weekend.

prayer requests? please share I would love to pray for you.

 Don’t forget to visit my friends. They would love to have a refill with you. 
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