Friday Coffee Date instagram recap

Hello there friends. So glad you made it for our Friday coffee date today.
Let me turn on the tea kettle and then we can pray.

heavenly Father, thank you for all you have done this week. I know i could not have made it without you. Thank you for supplying all my needs. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that love you. Friends that are there to pick me up when they feel you prompting them too. Father thank you for friends that are not afraid to speak truth into my life, even it may seem harsh at first. A true reflection of what it looks like to be Christ. Lord you are the healer, the mighty physician and I am trusting in that. I know when the timing is right, you will heal me. From depression, from crohn’s and from the ugliness of this world. Dear God I ask that you be with my friends today. people allow your love and grace to freely flow threw them to all they meet. May they be a light Lord. In Jesus precious name we pray, amen.

if you were here for coffee i would offer you tea, crystal light, water, and coffee of course. and yes I bought creamers. currently we have heath bar and white chocolate caramel latte. apparently i am not #oversugar

if you were here for coffee you have been able to hang your coat on a shiny new hook that the hubs hung for me, in our DIY closet mudroom.

DIY closet mudroom

if you were here for coffee I would hug you and say thank you. Thank you for reaching out to me during my very dark week. thank you for praying and just being my friend. for loving me across town, across the city, state and even country. thank you for understanding and not judging me. I have been very blessed to know I am not alone in this battle and that so many of you have beautiful words of encouragement and advice.

overcoming depression symptoms

if you were here for coffee I would tell you that I may have purposely mislead you with a post title this week. read it for yourself.

if you were here for coffee I would tell you that every girl needs a date night with a girlfriend to Starbucks and target. O.M.Gosh. it was just what my soul needed. laughter, encouragement, distractions, more laughter, full tummy, and childless shopping with a big red cart! I would also tell you the night goes even better if you get dressed up for said date with new lip gloss and curly hair.

curly date night hair

and then when you start sweating from trying on way too many clothes you can try out a new messy side pony tutorial you found online.


and it gets better.

If you wake up the next morning, wearing the same shirt that you only put on a 7:00 pm the night before, and your hair is still slightly curly. you can rework it for another day of great hair. you’re welcome.


if you were here for coffee you might notice this creepy little stuffed animal that Lenny has been hauling around. I call it craft fail. She calls it Monkey. on instagram it was called a duck monkey and even better a monkey-platypus-baby. More on this creature next week. moving on


if you were here for coffee I would tell you that Lenny, my sis-in-law, and I went shopping for about 4 hours last Saturday. we had a great time. lots of laughs, yummy snacks, and good conversation!

if you were here for coffee i would show you the calendar for the 30 day Ab workout challenge I am starting tomorrow. I would ask you to join me and then not let you say no. I would tell you those of us doing it are using the hashtag #tpb30dayabs (The Pearl Blog 30 day Abs) will you hashtag your journey with me?


If you were here for coffee we would probably be distracted by 3 crazy girls by now. wanting every bit of your attention before you leave.
but before you go I wanted to share with you my verse for the week. the verse I proudly claimed as mine for the last 7 days.

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