Friday coffee date… If you were here


I welcome you sweet friend to another Friday coffee date.
I wish I had been better prepared by creating a vlog for you.
But such is life and I didn’t.

Lets pray before we begin.
Father, we come before you today seeking your peace. Requesting to feel your loving arms wrapped around us. Lord, please continue to cover those hurting with your abundant blessings and love. Not love of this world but the Love of a Heavenly Father. I am reminded often that this is not our home. You never meant for us to be surrounded by suffering, tragedy, and despair. I look forward to the day that I can see you and worship you, and praise you with the angels. To be free of all Satan’s evil schemes and glorify you forever. In Jesus name I ask that you be with each person that is reading this today. Protect their minds from temptations, soften their hearts to your words and allow others to only see them as you do Father. Amen

If we were sitting down to have coffee today I would first apologize for how loud it is here. Having 3 three yr olds running around can make things quite noisy. But seeing their imaginations in full force makes it all worth it.

If we were sitting to have coffee I would offer you some of my instant coffee, yes I prefer that over grounds. Weird I know, but no apologizes! I would offer you creamer. I have Hershey’s chocolate caramel or peppermint mocha. I also have almond milk, skim milk, and powdered pumpkin spice creamer. If tea is your thing I have lots to choose from. Let me start the tea kettle.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would offer you a cupcake, yes I know it’s only 9:30 am but I promise they are good. Really, you can not pass up a spice cake cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, you will thank me later. Although after you have consumed 3 your waist line may not. It’s not my fault that they are so good you could not stop eating them.

spice cake cupcakes cinnamon cream cheese frosting

and yes they have marshmallows inside

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you my heart hurts for all those in Boston and Texas. The loss and fear that was brought into their lives is so sad. I would tell you that I pray The Lord sends his workers in abundance to provide support for all of them.

If you were here for coffee I would show that I am finally over stuff. That I am ready to get rid of most of my “stuff”. That The Lord has shown me that by keeping everything for those “just incase moments” is not acting in faith. That I need to rely on God, that he will provide for me. I am not saying we are going to:5 cups, 5 plates and 2 outfits each, ect. But I mean we are decluttering, trinkets, multiples of things, items that have not been used in 2-3 months, high school memories and more. I would show my back hallway, it’s so clean now. Aahhhh

spilled ranch

“ranch happens”

If we were sitting down for coffee right now I would tell you that we have had a little too much rain in MI. Roads are flooding, houses are getting water logged, and my yard is getting too squishy to walk on. I know we needed rain to help the spring plants grow but after all the snow melted the ground was already wet and now with the amount of rain we have had, the ground can not drink anymore up.

MI flood

yes, we received all that rain yesterday

If you were here for coffee I would have excuse myself for a minute. I need to break up a three year old argument that is happening. Having 3 strong willed girls here makes for interesting days, full of bossiness, arguing, and tears. In they end they all forget that stuff and get excited to see each other the next day, I am so thankful that they see each other like sisters.

you are my sunshine banner

i made this for a friend, using my silhouette

If you were here for coffee I would tell you that I am struggling right now. Struggling to know if I am supposed to attend the influence conference. In my selfishness I totally think it’s a must. But I have been praying and asked God to provide a way for it to happen. I prayed that if he did not fund the trip, then it’s not meant to be. I also asked his to remove the desire from my heart if he does not feel I am supposed to go. As for right now, the desire is crazy strong. I get excited as each day is one day closer. I would be lying if I said I would be ok if The Lord said no. I am praying he would not allow me to be sad but have peace. Until he says no I am praying harder and harder that The Lord would provide the $400.00 I need to attend the conference.

If you were here for coffee I would tell you that having you visit me for coffee is something I look forward to weekly. To have this time to chat and catch up. To pray for each other, encourage each other, and just love each other. I would tell you that if you are local contact me so we can have these dates face to face.

Well friends its time for me to boot you out. the kids are getting restless and I need to snuggle little baby Israel. You should see the girls making such a fuss over him. Until next time xoxo

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  1. Happy Friday! I wish I was having coffee with you IRL. I’m in the same place about the Influence Network conference – its so difficult to not get excited about it after hearing everyone talk about it on Twitter and the Influence Net forums! I’ll keep you in my prayers!
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  2. Melissa Russo says:

    So is it weird that I stalk you on Fridays so I can have “coffee” with you? Maybe one of these days we can have actual coffee. I hope you are staying warm, dry and safe!

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