Friday Coffee Date…

Hi friend
I am so glad you are hear today.

Before we start chatting lets pray.

Dear gracious heavenly father,
I am so thankful for everyone you have placed in my life. You know who I need and when I need them most. And I thank you for each time they have been there for me. I’m so thankful for the blessings that you’ve provided this week. The answers to prayer. And the weather that you’ve provided. Lord please be with us as we talk today and discuss your word.  I just want to thank you for allowing us to have your word. There’s just so many things that we cannot figure out our own unless we are in constant communion with you Father.  I just ask that you be with my friends and family today, to protect them. I ask that you do not let Satan tempt them, or discourage them. I ask that you allow them to stay focused on you, to remain in your presence and to hear the whispers of your promises. Thank you for my friends, thank you for this time, may our conversation be pleasing to you. In your son’s precious name I pray, amen

before we start grab yourself something to drink.
I have ice water, lemonade, peach tea, and coffee.
If you haven’t noticed there’s a little mason jar sitting there with some creamer in it.
Why yes, I made that creamer from scratch.

I know I know I know crazy awesome right?!?
You’re welcome.
*enter reminder to be humble*

I was able to have a special date with my sewing machine this week.
A friend asked me to make a dress for her daughter. I wanted to practice on something for Lenny before I made one for someone else.

Here’s a sneak peek. I can’t show you the whole dress yet because it’s my Pinterest challenge project.

Speaking of Pinterest challenge, it starts on Monday. Don’t forget to check back here for your link to add your projects.

I’m not sure about you but my TV has been on NBC all week long. I had rarely turned the thing on the last few weeks, but the Olympics, they deserve constant watching.
The gymnastics and swimming have been my favorite so far.

Go team USA.

Last week I told you we were going to start reading first Peter chapter 1 in my bible study. I encouraged you to read the chapter, study it and find out what the Lord is telling you.
I thought we could all discuss it a little bit today.

Some general background info from first Peter chapter 1.

  • It was written 30 years after Jesus return to heaven.
  • it was written by Peter.
  • his name used to be Simon,  Jesus changed it to Peter in John 1:42 
  • Peter (Cephas) means rock or stone. I suggest you look up why Jesus chose that name and I think you’ll find it very interesting.
  • This letter was written to Christians.

Why did he write this letter? 

  • Peter wrote this letter to encourage Christians who are suffering for Christ. 
  • He wanted to teach people that were living in hostility
    •  to not lose hope, to not become better
    • to trust in the Lord while waiting for his second coming.

Some things that stood out for me in this chapter.

I like that it mentioned God chose us. in Ephesians 1:4 it talks about He chose us before creating the world.

Verse 2 talks about the Holy Spirit making us holy, which means sanctified or set apart and that Jesus Christ made us clean from sin by his blood.

Just within the first two verses of 1 Peter chapter 1 the Trinity is mentioned. The Trinity means that there is one God who is three-persons. the three persons are God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Although we will never understand the trinity it’s important to know that we worship one God, not three Gods. The singer Shai Linne has a song about the Trinity. I think he explained as well as we can understand what the Trinity means, what’s the difference between the three persons, and how they’re all equal. I recommend you check out the link here.

Click image to see full image

Versus three and four talk about praising God because of his mercy, and he gave us
eternal life. Our hope is eternal life.

  • Hope comes from God
    •  it’s a gift of grace
    • it’s defined by Scripture
    • secured by the resurrection
    • confirmed in Christians by the Holy Spirit
    • defends us against Satans attacks
    • produces joy
    • is fulfilled by Christ’s return.

Verse 6 thru 9 mentions that for a time, not forever, we will have suffering of various kinds. God does not let us suffer unnecessary trials. He allows these problems to come to prove our genuine faith. If we can go through the loss of a child, loss of a family member, health issues, financial problems, depression, and more and still trust completely in God, that proves genuine faith. To “believe” in Jesus, means to trust and obey him, although we can not see him. It means more than believing the facts about him. It means being filled with the joy that comes from God. Something so great that we can not explain. Why do we believe and have this faith? SALVATION!
I read somewhere that we understand salvation in 3 ways:

  1. Salvation in the past, when we first become Christians (verse 3)
  2. Salvation in the present, as we learn to trust God each day, and receive his help (first part of verse 5)
  3. Salvation in the future, when we receive all of God’s promises in heaven (verses 4-5)

Versus 10 through 12 talk about Old Testament prophets. I think this is cool because they did not receive all these promises that we have from the New Testament but yet they still believe. I also think it’s cool that the things they prophesied were verified in the New Testament.

Versus 13 through 16. God wants us to remove all hindrances and various intoxicating temptations so we can focus on him. He wants us to concentrate on how to live as Christians. Another way to think of concentrate is to be sober minded. When you look up sober minded in some Bible dictionary’s it’s the same word as self-control. I think it’s interesting that to be sober minded means to be self-controlled, to have steadfastness, to have a clarity of mind. God doesn’t want our minds filled with junk but filled with the scripture. He talks about us wanting to live as Christians, he wants us to have moral decisiveness. Because it’s not enough to have these things in our mind. What we believe affects the way we live. The things we fill our minds with, the things we watch, the things we focus on affect the way we live and way we act. And God calls us to be like Christ. In verse 16 he says “be holy because I am holy”. He also repeats that phrase five times in the book of Leviticus.

Verses 17 through 20. We need to remember there we are one of Gods children, he is our Father. We need to know that he deals with all of us in the same FAIR way. We need to honor God in all we do and all we say. In verse 18 we’re reminded that God bought us and freed from our old life. We were paid for with something more valuable than silver or gold,  we were paid for with the precious blood of Christ. Christ is perfect, without blemish. You can read Exodus 12 to hear the story about when the Jews had to sacrifice a perfect lamb in order to live.

verse 21 is a pretty powerful. It talks about through Christ we have believed in God. Jesus says in John 14:6  that the only way a person can come to God the father is through Jesus Christ his son. If you have questions about what that means for you feel free to email me at Chrissy at simply-created dot net .

verse 22 emphasizes to love everyone. That we are supposed to love all Christians.  1 Corinthians 13 is a good place to look and see what it really means to love. Just a hint love is not feeling.

verses 23 through 25 Peter talks about people being like grass. He reminds us that we need to plant seeds of the Gospel. We need to share the good news with everyone. Seeds grow into new plants. Plants eventually die, which means our physical bodies die. The word of God never dies. When we accept Jesus as our savior (the Word: John 1:1-5) then we will have eternal life.

Did you have a chance to read first Peter chapter 1?
If you did, I would love to hear what you thought of the chapter.
Do you agree or disagree with with what I took from the chapter?
How did you feel after reading it?

I encourage you to read first Peter chapter 2 so we can discuss it next Friday.

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