Friday Coffee Date…

Hey friends I am so glad you came for our chat today, although I may have not shown up the last few Friday’s sorry.
I have been adjusting to hubby’s new work schedule along withe kids being back at school.
Before we begin let’s pray..

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I am thankful for the weather we have had here in Michigan. Please continue to keep my friends around the globe safe. Father I want to thank you for renewing my mind. In Romans 12 you remind us to NOT conform to the ways of this world. Father God help me to stay true to you and obey your laws. Please help us all to have the courage to stand up for you and not to be ashamed if we are different. We love you Lord and want to be more like you. 

How has your week been?
I feel like the last two weeks have flown by.

I had my my remicade treatment on Monday this week.

It’s really not that bad… 3 hours of reading, watching movies and sleeping, uninterrupted by children.
I’ll take it!
Even if occasionally my hand swells and I get large bruises..

We recently got back from vacation. We stayed at a friends cottage on a small lake near Lake Michigan.
It was perfect. relaxing. fun. much needed.

Although i realized there that I needed to workout more because each time i climbed these stairs i was completely out of breath.

that sparked my motivation to start Jillian Micheal’s 30 day shred.
and yes 5 days going strong people!

have you ever had to read a book that was almost impossible to read? well I am
Although the message behind the book is great and I love that
the language it’s written in is killing me…

I have been doing a lot of babysitting the summer and still…
a 835 square foot house full of kids and make your hair gray early…

I mentioned before that I have been getting up at 6am daily to be ready and present for my kids when they get up.
I want to show you this is no easy task. enter “Tame the Mane”

and just so I can always keep it real with you…I do like to use fun filters on my pictures to hide some not so pretty areas sometimes..
here is what the following picture looked like behind the scenes..

And last but def not least. I had a humbling week remembering those that lost their lives, fought for us and protected us 11 years ago.

Hey friends I gotta run kids to school, meet friends for a play-date, head to an enormous adoption fundraising garage sale, and then out for a hot date night.

if you post Friday coffee chats please leave me a link so I can join you.

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