Friday Coffee Date…

Good Afternoon Friends…
I am so sorry that I don’t have an extremely awkward vlog to share with you.
but I would still love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you today…

Let’s crag a drink first.
what will you have? coffee? tea? soda? crystal light? ice water?
I’ll have some peach tea crystal light for now, and if I am still thirsty I’ll make a cup of coffee
and turn it the perfect creamy white with an obsessively over done amount of creamer!

Now we can sit and chat…
I put a movie on for the kiddos, we have a few minutes of uninterrupted adult time.
Did you want to know what movie they are watching?
Oh just one of my favorite movie series EVER…
I know it’s for littles but I love it…
right now on netflix you can watch 3 of the 4 TinkerBell movies..

yup all 3 are there right now and lined up in our instant queue
and after we watch all these for the 50th time we will probably go out and rent the newest one again

okay so i completely went off on a childlike tangent there sorry, Tink does that to me sometimes…
back to reality…

how are? I am sorry I was not able to join you for coffee last week.
i has still recovering from my surgery.
speaking of surgery.. I am doing great.
things are healing up nicely, slow but good.
i am still needing gentle reminders from my husband to take it easy.
i am very thankful for all your prayers and well wishes.

are you all ready for Christmas? I am not.
i only have a few gifts purchased, the worst part is
i have not made a list of what i need to buy yet.. that can be a problem.
I am really looking forward to Christmas being less about presents this year
and more about being present!
we have decided to not do gifts our extended family Christmas.
instead each family is to come up with a game (made up or bought) for the kids to play.
i like the idea of us all being more intentional about being with the kids…

speaking of gifts my youngest wants  a purple wig..
you read that right.. she want to look like a popstar..
but not just any popstar.. this popstar..

Barbie’s princess and the popstar::Keira
we’ll see if I can find one for a decent price..

This week Alissa asked us to share three things we would tell our younger self if we could go back in time.
one came to mind right away but i really had to think about the other two..

1. Find Jesus and make him Lord of your life ASAP. (I was not a Christian until I was about 24) the Lord will comfort you, protect you and and never leave you.
that is a perfect segway into #2.

2. Seek God’s love and not love from men. I mad a lot of mistakes growing up seeking attention from all he wrong places. and had i know that the Lord could satisfy all my needs, life would have been a lot easier.

3. actually do your homework. i know it’s a pain in the butt and seems worthless (still does sometimes), but if you suck it up and complete it, complete it well, you will develop a healthy work habit!

4. procrastination is NOT attractive. it’s ugly, it’s frustrating, it’s overwhelming, and a bad habit. stay focused, get a planner, use it, use it often, for everything!  it will help make life so much easier.

and for kicks..a #5 the kind of friend you want to have. this will save a life of heart-ache and misery!

what about you? what would you tell your younger self. I can not wait to hear..

if you need a refill please go visit my other coffee date friends..

Thanks Alissa for hosting a great link up!

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