Friday Coffee Date..

Happy Friday friend.
I so wish you were really sitting with me today.
If you were with me first I would give you a huge hug.
I would tell you I appreciate your commitment to our friendship.
I would tell you about the amazing weekend i recently had.
The hubby and I went away on weekend marriage retreat.
We learned so much and I can honestly I feel like a new wife.
I am in the process of writing up a 5 part series about what i learned
but i thought  I would share with you something today!
The 5 C’s as Frank called them…
  1. Commitment (two become one flesh)
  2. Communication ( (it takes work)
  3. Crave (a strong or powerful desire)
  4. Conflict ( not an argument, differing opinions) 
  5. Cash (every spending decision IS a spiritual decision)
I will elaborate more on these during my marriage series.
If you were sitting wit me I would tell you all about an upcoming wedding
that I am helping to plan.
I would tell you about our plans to turn a gym into a beautiful sanctuary for the reception
I would tell you all about the juices i drank this Thursday morning.
A close friend suggested we try to make new juices every week.
so today was out first day.
we juiced: pineapple, carrots, and apples.
Each was good alone but tasted way better mixed.
Next week we are going to go all out, maybe even just a fruit i can not pronounce HA!
If you were sitting next to me, I would again ask to borrow your fancy phone
because I still do not have an Internet capable phone.
I would look up The Getty’s and have you listen to their music.
You would tell me In Christ Alone is already your favorite song.
I would tell you it’s mine too!
I would then brag tell you I was able to see them preform live last night.
A friend bought the women of our Sunday school class tickets and we enjoyed worshiping together!
Of course what’s a girls night without an impromptu self portrait!
Could our eye color be anymore different! Love her Baby Blues!
Friend if you were here with me I would also use your fancy phone and direct you to a website that I am loving right now!
Just wanted to share that until Valentine’s Day they having a 15% sale use code LOVE2012 at checkout!
I would tell you friend that I am starting to feel better again.
The doctor is having me wean off the steroids again.
Let’s hope this time I can actually get off of them.
Can you believe I have been on steroids since August 2011.. Yikes
Friend I would also ask you to pray for me.
Pray that my body adjusts tot he change, that I can get on a healthier diet, that The Lord will protect me and continue to heal me.
If you were sitting next to me  I would lean in close and tell you I need your prayers…
not just for my health. 
I have been having these dreams…
dreams where I am visited by the devil.
The weird thing is, in my dreams he is not scary, no horns, he is not red, or look like a monster.
he looks like a normal guy, but i know, i know who he is.
He does not try to hurt me, he does not say anything bad to me
He just says wait here, I’ll be right back for you.
Once he leaves, i go through a slight panic mode trying to decide how to hide from him, what scripture i can fight him off with.
The he returns, he is looking for me, I am sitting with my bible but can;t seem to read the verses out loud.
It’s like I am frozen. 
Then I wake myself up…
The dream is over and I try to fall back asleep.
I am not sure what this dream means but i keep having it.
It;s always different, he looks different, i look different, we are in a different place
but it’s always the same story line.
Please pray that I can sleep well, that i am not harassed with these dreams anymore, that i can voice the Word when trying to rid of the demon from my dreams.
Thanks friend I knew I could count on you. 
Well friend it’s time to for me to go… kids have to get ready for lunch so they can go to school.

thanks again for sitting with me.. I have to run.
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