Friday Coffee Date ….

Hey there friend. I am so glad you are here for our virtual coffee date today.
If you were really here with me I would hug you (yes my cold is almost gone)

before we begin I wanted to let you know i deleted Google Friend Connect so please if you want to continue to follow my blog please do so via

I would tell you that your sweet words and comments after my confession last week
made feel so loved and not alone.
I want you to know that I am doing so much better this week.
I am not feeling over whelmed.

I am actually feeling on top of it!
I got so much done for both wedding I am working on!
If you were sitting with me I would show you the pile of 21 coffee filter flowers I made last night

Then I would show you some sample wedding invitations I made too…

Friend if you were here with me I would tell you that I am thankful for you.
I am thankful for your friendship, your willingness to sit with me every Friday.
I am thankful for your comments and your wisdom.

I am trying to be better with my “words”.
I am trying to be a better friend.
I would ask you if you read today’s post by Ann Voskamp

She shared 4 Ways to be a Better Friend

That would lead our conversation into the Lenten Season. 
No, I am not Catholic, I used to think that’s what lent was for.
But it’s not. It’s for all of us.
It’s a time of fasting, praying , and giving.
What Christian can deny such a  season… none!

Last year I gave up Facebook for Lent.
This year I have really struggled on what to give up.
Then I saw a few friends were “adding” something to their day for lent.
I know, I know, adding…
but really I am giving up something.
giving up some of my free time to do something for others.

I will share with you next week what I am doing. 

as for today… here is out prayer reflection …

I am really looking forward to this season and can not wait to grow closer to God as I focus more on Him. 
What about you friend?
Do you practice lent?
do you fast from something? if so what?

So friend I also want to share with you about the free photo editing program i am obsessed with…
it’s called pixlr.

I use the pixlr express most of the time. the vintage effects are so cool!
I would so recommend it. 
especially of you are a picnik fan! 

Friend If you were sitting with me I would shut up now. 
i would ask you how you are doing, how are you feeling?
can I pray for you?

Now it’s time for your refill, I have to run but you can finish your cup of coffee with Alissa from  Rags to StitchesNatassia from Nat’s Knapsack, and Nay form Cover to cover

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