Friday Coffee Date …

Good day friends.
I am happy to have you here for our virtual coffee date.
Although I really wish we were sitting together face to face.

Before I begin to ramble on.
Tell me, how are you?
How are you feeling?
Let me pray for us.
Lord, thank you for my friend. Thank you for their words of encouragement and prayers. Lord please bless my friend, help my friend to feel close to you Lord. Father please keep my friend safe and healthy. May our conversation be pleasing to you. In Christ’s name I ask these things, Amen.

I have been reading this book that i am in love with.
It’s called Every Woman’s Battle.

It’s not a feel good kind of book, but a good growing book.
It’s a real eye opener sometimes.
I suggest it to any woman, married or not.

Man I had a rough weekend.
It started out GREAT.
I attended two surprise birthday parties.
One Friday night and one Saturday night.

Check out the birthday buddies sporting their hair-headband…

hot, yes i know.
If you would like one for yourself you can purchase it at your local Dollar tree!

Sunday my body pretty much fell apart.
I slept in until 10:45am. missed church (boo)
was up for about 1 hour and then headed back to bed.
i got up again at 8:30pm.
my entire body was swollen.
My fingers were 3 times their normal size.

by Tuesday I was getting better.
I still have slight swelling in my hands but am better for the most part.

Saturday my daughter was able to participate in a kids2kids sale.
this is where the kids sell their stuff or make things to sell.
It taught them how to exchange money and to record profit/loss.
She had a great time.

she made purses, clutches, and clip in colored hair pieces.
along with selling old books and stuffed animals!

Well friend sorry to not be able to finish my whole cup with you today.
my oldest stayed home with me to hang out and clothes shop.
so we are off, see you next week.

and thank you.
Please leave any prayer requests in the comment section or email me directly!
to email me just click on the brown circle with an envelope on it (located below this post or at the top of my blog)

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