Friday Coffee Date …

Why hello friend.
I am so glad you came back for another cup.
This week if you were sitting next to me I would offer you coffee or tea…
That’s right i was listening!

Before we begin let me pray for us.
Lord, thank for this day. Thank you for the chance to sit and be “real”. Lord you know what lays on my friends heart this week. Please keep my friend safe, protect my friends heart and mind from the deceivers evil ways. Father allow my friend to feel your presence greatly this weekend, and Lord thank you for my friend. Thank you that we can pray for each other, encourage each other and even help each other correct sins in our lives. Father may our conversation today be pleasing to you. We love you Lord. In Christ’s name, Amen

This has been one of my busiest weeks yet.
Busy in a good way!
Friend did you know I turned 30 this week.. Yup I sure did..
Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday comments, cards, well wishes, jokes, and love…

I spent the morning of my birthday crafting of course…
New spring decor finished and hung!

coffee filter flowers on the front door!

while thrifting the day before I purchased an old scarf and a straw wreath.
picked up some extras at Michael’s and made a spring wreath to hang on my window frame.

I got to spend my birthday evening shopping at craft stores and making wedding items with my sweet friend Amy!

guestbook canvas painted and ready for paper tree to be added!
I also worked on wedding invitations for another wedding!

If you were sitting with me today I would tell you how much fun I had taking the littles
to see the butterflies a few days ago.

I would also tell you we are going again today! YEAH

Friend if you were sitting with me I hope you would have noticed what’s new…

Wow, 4 eyes, how mature of you!
Momma got new glasses!, finally…

Friend, what’s new with you.
plans for the weekend?

prayer requests? please share I would love to pray for you.

Don’t forget to visit my friends. They would love to have a refill with you.
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