Friday Coffee Date…

Hi friend. I a so glad you came this week.
I really need someone to sit with.
i really appreciate you coming after I stood you up last week.

I had a really long week last week and I did not blog very much at all.

Friend before we begin let’s pray and commit this time to the Lord.
Father I come before you today with a heavy heart. Still a thankful heart. I am thankful for all the blessing you have provided, for family and for friendships. Lord I am thankful today especially for Grandparents. They have such a special place in our lives. Lord I am thankful for your love and peace. I am thankful for the chance to spend eternity with you. Lord I am thankful for My Grandpa Teesdale. For the life he lived, the influences he had, and his love for you Lord. Father God I am so thankful we were able to spend time with him last night as a family, to talk, laugh and even shed a few tears. Lord I ask that you be with my dad especially right now. He needs your peace Lord, he needs to feel you close and be able to lean on you. I ask that his heart be open to seeking you in this time of sorrow. Lord my prayer is that he will recommit his life to serving you, glorifying you, worshiping you. I also ask for prayers for the rest of my family as we grieve the loss of such a wonderful man. Lord please be with my friend today as they sit and listen to all my pain. I ask that you bless them for walking the road of pain with me. It takes a special person to do that Lord. I ask that keep my friend healthy and safe Lord. Thank you again Father for sending your son to die so that we may be saved. In Jesus precious name… Amen

Friend I forgot to tell you that I think I am done drinking coffee.
My stomach is not tolerating it anymore.
I have finally moved on to tea and I like it! YEAH

Please pour yourself of cup of whatever and let’s sit and chat.

If you were sitting with me today i would ask you for a tissue.
I would probably start crying because my Grandfather passed away today.
around 8:00am

I would not call it a shock but defiantly did not expect it to happen so soon.
He suffered a stroke last week then underwent brain surgery.
He woke from surgery earlier than anticipated, esp for a 90 year old man.
He was talking and things seemed to be doing good.

A few days later things took a turn for the worst.
He had not been able to eat and seemed to be in a lot more pain.
He passed away peacefully this morning.

Friend I am not crying because I am mad, I am not even sure if I am sad.
I am happy he is pain free, that he is walking on his own, that he may even be dancing with his wife now,
that he gets to see his son after 28 years.
I will of course miss my grandpa and yes that makes me sad. 

I am crying for my Dad. He is heart broken. He lost his Mom, Brother, and now his Dad. He is hurting so bad and it makes me hurt. My dad was great son, always looking after his dad, spending time with him and just loving him.

My Grandpa loved camping. My parents always took my grandpa along when they camped near home. He loved watching the fish, tending to the gardens, and taking rides on the four wheeler thing. (not sure the name of it)

My Grandpa was always a lover of kids and could sit and watch them play for hours.

He had a smile that could brighten a room and I am so blessed that I was able to see that smile last night.
Kind of bitter sweet now.

Friend if you could pray for our family as we go through the process of saying goodbye.
Not goodbye for ever though as I know I get to spend eternity with him.

Friend could you also pray for health for our family. I am just getting over strep throat and noticed my dad was not feeling great last night and I would hate for him to have caught it. Pray for sleep for my parents as they figure out how to adjust to the change. Pray for God to be seen in big ways so that my family that does not believe will have no choice but to believe.

Friend can I pray for you? Can I do anything for you. This time is not supposed to be all about me. How are you? what’s going on in your life. Have you had any God sightings this week? 

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