Friday Coffee Date….


Hey there friends…
I want to welcome you…
please a grab a cup of whatever: coffee, tea, water, or fresh fruit smoothie.

Let’s pray before we begin.

Father God, We thank you for life. We thank you for all you created. Lord we thank you most for sending your son to die so that we may be saved. Lord I ask that you bless our conversation today. We hope that our words will be pleasing to you. Father please protect my friend, allow my friend to feel your presence in such a magnificent way. Thank you again father God for friendship. In Christ’s name, Amen

Dad’s dad on left (passed 4-13) Mom’s Dad on right (passed 4-20)

Friend these last few weeks have been anything but pleasant. Two weeks ago I lost my Grandpa (Dad’s dad) shortly before typing my Friday post. Then last Friday I asked for your prayers regarding my other Grandpa (Mom’s dad) as he was dying. He passed away at 4:40pm that Friday.
My family is doing well and I am thankful for your prayers and support. We have rallied together and I can honestly say this is the closest my family has been in years. My Grandpa’s funeral was not your typical funeral. It was held in a Gun Club. He would not have had it any other way. We had a time of open mic where people could share memories.

It was a great memorial and we are blessed to have had so many take care of us that day.

Friend I am in awe again at how Great our God is. He never fails to amaze me when I am at such a low point.

So friend, How are you? How has your week been? I can not wait to hear about what’s going on with you.

Before i forget, I wanted to tell you my oldest daughter Frank is going to be 11 tomorrow. 11, can you believe it? I can not either!

Thanks for hanging out today friend. I better go and catch up on all the house work i have neglected the last 2 weeks.

Thanks friend. If you need a refill I know I my friends would love to sit and chat with you. I always enjoy my coffee dates with them.

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