Friday Coffee Date….

Happy Friday friend.
I am thrilled you are hear today.
What a crazy month April was.
Let’s hope May is nothing but happiness!

Before we begin catching up let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you today with a grateful heart. I am so thankful for all things you created. Lord, it blows my mind to think of each and every detail you created. From the clouds, to the trees, to the intricate detail on a butterflies wings. Lord your creations are anything but breath taking. Father, I ask you that help us not take these miracles for granted. That we are reminded daily of your awesomeness. Father pleases protect my friend from Satan’s evil ways. Father I thank you for all the friends and family you have placed in my life. I would not be the person I am today without them. In your son’s name, Amen. 

First, grab your self a drink. I’ll wait.
perfect, now give me a hug!

I am kind of giddy this morning.
I watched an amazing video last night by Francis Chan, and it really got me thinking.  It was called Just stop and Think. It literally made me think of creation and how it proves God loves me. I also watched another video this week I highly recommend called The Awe Factor Of God. It definitively changed the way I think of things.

I am not sure what your weather has been like but this week has been all rain and gray clouds.

Don’t get we wrong I am thankful for the free grass watering but man my kids would sure love to play outside.
Have you had lots of rain this week?

We had our last MOPS meeting this week. It’s definitively bittersweet. I love my girls and will miss seeing them. I am glad that we have some dates on the calendar to hang out soon though. I do need to apologize to my group though. I had not been the Group Leader i should have been. I forgot to email often and did not attend may of the play dates. I was in a funky place this year and hope to prove myself next year as s better leader! Our steering team has this amazing hospitality team and again they out did them selves with the decor.

I need to figure out a good balance of pre planning and going wit the flow. I know it’s only May 4th but my calendar is almost full for the month. I need to try and find a good balance for that.

Speaking of plans. We are attending a wedding tomorrow and could not be more excited. They are the cutest couple and I know this will be a God breathed day. I even had money left on my gift card to Maurice’s that I was able to get a new dress to wear. I wanted something special since hubby and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary a few day’s early.

Well friends, kids are fighting, dishes are dirty and laundry needs folding.Thanks friend. If you need a refill I know I my friends would love to sit and chat with you. I always enjoy my coffee dates with them.

 Alissa from  Rags to StitchesNatassia from Nat’s Knapsack,  Nay from Cover to cover and Faith from The Life of Faith   

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