Friday Coffee Date

Hey friend. Thanks for joining me today.
I am kind feeling a bit frazzled!
I did it to myself so no complaining!
Let’s pray before we begin…

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the beautiful weather you have been providing. Thank you for sunshine and thank you for the rain. Lord your creation is amazing and the plan you designed for it still amazes me. I love how all things need you in order to survive. Especially us Father. Lord I thank you for all the friends and family you have brought into my life and the new ones that are soon to enter. Lord you amaze me. You always provide the perfect person at the perfect time in my life. Father, please be with my friend. Please all them to feel your presence in a powerful way. Lord I ask that they see many God sightings this week and are able to share them with friends and family. Lord pleases bless this time we have together, allow are words to be pleasing you Father. In Jesus name, Amen

One thing that God always tells us is to have no other Idols but Him.
I released recently that I have a few other idols. One being sugar.
no i do not worship sugar, but i do crave it.
no it do not sacrifice to it, although i will except weight gain for it.
no I do not bow down to it, but i will eat it while laying in bed

Hi, my name is Chrissy and I am a sugar addict.
I have a hard time going a few hours without sugar.
sometimes I eat the kids snacks or a bag of chocolate chips if I can not find anything else.
I sneak snacks at the store, I eat them in the car so i don’t have to share.
I hid and sweets I buy in the house so that the kids can not eat them all.

That being confessed, I have decided to take a sugar break.
This past week I have been going sugar free to try and break my addiction.
I have a friend who joined me to help keep me accountable.
I had one small slip up the first day and drank a slushy…
and today was date night so yes I ate chocolate covered cheesecake.
don’t worry i was sick immediately after!
I sent this picture out on instagram earlier this week..

that was no joke peeps.

moving on… I have been asked to help a few friends with wedding stuff..
I get to make some of these…

burlap flowers

along with a burlap banner, burlap rosettes for hair, and some burlap favor bags,
oh and these are not all for the same wedding.

I have to mention my new candle…
have you heard of Diamond Candles?
They are amazing smelling candles but the kicker is there is a ring hidden in each candle.
ranging from $10.00 in value to $5,000.

best sent ever, i promise

This candle is slow burning which makes the anticipation for the ring even greater.

The weather has been crazy hot around these parts..
I am not complaining…
I love the sun and love getting my tan on…

speaking of sun.. I took the kids to some concerts this week and the temp was in the upper 90’s…
very hot but so worth it. It was a Christian concert festival and the kids loved it..
we were able to watch Shane & Shane, Brandon Heath, Beacon light, Newsboys, KJ 52, Shonlock, Tenth Avenue North, George Moss, AttaBoy, and we have about 8 more bands to see tomorrow.
It’s been super fun as a mom to see your kids rock out to Jesus music, and love it.

What about you friend. Who is your favorite artist? (Christian or not)
How was your week? Do you have a prayer request?

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