Friday Coffee Date…

Hey there Friends. How are you today.
I am doing great.

Grab your self something to drink and then we’ll pray.

Dear Jesus that you for this day. thank you for this time that I get to spend with my friend. Thank you for the weather that you have been providing us Lord. I ask that please slow down the rain in areas that are very saturated and send the rain to places that are in desperate need. Lord I thank you for this hunger I have to be near you, to want to know your will for my life. Father i ask that you help me to stay committed and stay focused on you, and your word. Lord, I ask that you be with my friend today. Protect her/him, bless them, and allow them to feel your love and peace. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

what did you chose to drink? black coffee, coffee with lots of creamer, hot/cold tea? or did you need me to make you a chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie?…
I always knew you were needy!

I have been so busy this week…
I took the kids to this amazing concert thur, fri, and sat.
It’s called Big Ticket Festival.
from their website:

The Big Ticket Festival is designed to be a celebration for Christ! Our mission is to create an experience for every member of the family to feel and know the love of Christ. We believe that God desires us to live a life full of love and joy, so The Big Ticket is purposefully focused on this.
Every aspect of our festival; the music, extreme sports, Kids Zone, ministry tents, and the prayer tents are designed with this mission in mind. We want to focus on Christ and create an experience that every member of the family will not only enjoy, but take with them for the rest of their lives. Those who attend The Big Ticket Festival encounter fun, worship, entertainment, activities and speakers that will teach, motivate, and inspire. We offer a unique place for families and friends to connect. The desire of The Big Ticket Festival is to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to encounter an awesome and living God.

It was an amazing time to spend with my family. My kids loved almost every minute of it.
There were a few times when the 95 degree heat and direct sun was getting to them but we all survived
sunburn free i might add!

Our favorite bands were
Beacon Light
George Moss
KJ 52
Group 1 crew
Chris August
Shane and Shane

I almost forgot to share with you the newest trend I joined in
no i am not a trend setter, just a trend follower
don’t judge~
I recently received my first ever diamond candle

what are they you ask?

I am in love with the ring I got in my candle too…

besides my over whelming schedule and to do list

yes that is just this weeks schedule
anyways as i was saying…
in the midst of our busy schedule i received a new painting from a friend…(the pear)
I absolutely love it.

I am sure if you want one or a set (she paints all kids of goodies)
I can hook you up with her to place an order!
look at a few others she did…

before I go I need to share a link to a blog that i stalk read regularly
The natos…

i wanted to share with you a super simple recipe Jami shared today..
one minute egg magic-ness
you read that right eggs in one minute. i dare you to try it
we are having this for breakfast tomorrow!

what about you? what did you do all week? 
any great shops you would love to hare with us?

if you need a refill please go visit my other coffee date friends..

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