Friday Coffee Date…

Hello there good lookin’
yes I am talking to you.
I am glad you are here today.
before we start chatting why don’t you grab your self a drink and then we will pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I am in awe once again by the power of prayer. Although I know you can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, i still find myself in awe. Lord thank you for the friends and family that prayed for me. I truly felt your comfort and peace as i prepared for my bible study. Lord you showed up in great ways this week and I am thankful for that. Father help us all remember to trust you. I mean fully trust you. In proverbs you remind us to ” Trust with all our hearts, and to lean not on our own understandings and YOU will make our paths straight”. I struggle with this Lord. I struggle fully letting go of my own understanding, I find myself daily still holding on with one hand. Lord my prayer for this week is to let go, fully, and completely. leaving you in control of guiding me down the path. Father please bless this time we are spending together, keep my friends and family safe. In your son’s name, Amen

I am looking forward to prepping for next weeks bible study. We have chosen to study 1 Peter. I love this book and can not wait to dive in and see what God would like us to hear.
This week we will be discussing chapter 1.

I anticipate God having some great lessons for us to learn this week.
Have you studied 1 Peter?
If so what is your favorite verse from it? What did you feel popped out in the chapter?  If not, would you want to read it with us? and discuss it here next Friday? 

Friend, how has your week been going?
I had a rough start but doing better now.
My fairy unfriendly aunt was visiting and she tends to make me act a fool…
She has since left and now I feel normal again…
as normal as I can feel.. um what is normal anyway…pretty sure that’s not me…you?

I did do some dessert making this week..
some rice krispie treats of course…
with a half packet of dry banana cream pie pudding mixed in for some extra flava’

I may or may not have a slight addiction to these single serve microwave chocolate chip cookies

and yes, I will blog the deets on that one later on…

I have been playing along with 5 random things and Right now games that are floating around on instagram
when you get tagged you have to post 5 random things about yourself or what you are doing right now and then tag others
my posts from this week..


again, don’t judge!

I am not sure about you but we have had an awful year with flys getting in our house.
and let me tell you some of them are huge.
and yes I am a fly-killing ninja

yes prayers were said, a funeral was conducted and the fly may or may not be still stuck to my blinds

*moment of silence*

and because I just totally grossed you out
let’s end today’s coffee date with a little game I like to call MadGab
okay no I did not make it up but i do love the game..(answers at the end of the post)



That’s my week in a nutshell friend.
again I am so glad you came to chat today.
I look forward to discussing 1 Peter chapter 1 with you next week.
until then..

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**answer to madgab: 1: baby got back 2: don’t pick your nose 3: the little mermaid

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