Friday Coffee Date.. confession

Happy Friday friend.
I am glad we are not actually sitting down to have coffee today…
let me explain.
I am sick… I have an awful cold and do not want to share germs.

If I felt better I would have coffee with you in a heart beat.

So let’s pretend.
Let’s pretend we are both healthy and are sitting to have coffee.

I would first share with you about the pinterest party I went to last weekend. (future post coming)

It was so fun and I can not wait to attend another.
If my house were larger I would so host my own.
This summer for sure i will, I can have it outside on our patio!

The real reason I would want to have coffee with you today
is to share about some things I am struggling with.
If you haven’t noticed I have not been as active on facebook or my blog this week.
I am not feeling right, I am feeling, well…

I know that’s a scary term to throw at you.
I am okay, really I am.
Let me explain what I mean.
I don’t feel like I want to end my life, I don’t feel like I hate the world.
I just feel distant, withdrawn, overwhelmed, tired, sick, and unhealthy.

One thing I do is sleep a lot when I am depressed, which is a hard sign to figure out

as part of when my Crohn’s acts up i get extreme fatigue.
only problem with lots of naps is that when you feel overwhelmed
things are still waiting for you when you get up and now you have less time to complete them.

Sometimes I dwell on the past,… did i make the right choices? (not most of the time)

I would tell you that I am scared to explain to my 10 yr old about the mistakes I made in the past.
How to explain them to her so that she sees they were wrong
but also that God can redeem us through them.
without her thinking she can mess up and everything will just be okay in the end…

I would tell you that I have over committed AGAIN!
I have agreed to too many things and feel I can not back out of any of them.
Although I am sure everyone would understand.

Then I realize I am trying to finish things in my own strength.
It’s not that I don’t pray and ask God for help, It’s that I am not sincere when asking.
I ask him for help and expect him to make my hand magically do what I need to get done.
I am not relying on him to help me, to give me stamina, give me patience, give me the ability to complete each task. 

Friend, I am asking you to pray for me.
Pray that the Lord will heal me and rid of this cold quickly.
Pray that I can complete each task I have committed to. 
Pray I can do it with a positive attitude and complete each task well.
Pray also that I can humble myself and ask for help when needed.
thanks friend.

Now off to take some cold med and take a nap.

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