Friday check in

Hello Ya’ll. Happy Friday, it’s time to par-tay… or something like that.

Many of you have made comments that since I am stay at home mom “every day is my Friday”.
Let me tell you why that is not true:
1. There is only ONE day on the calendar labeled Friday. Not 7.
2. It’s the day of the week that I get to shut off my 6:43am alarm for 2 days.
3. It’s date day. Friday’s are hubby and I’s date days. We clean the house, run errands, eat out for lunch and take a nap, all while the kids are in school.
4. It’s the day of the week that I know the kids can stay up late and I don’t have to rush people to bed by 8pm. I call it tuck yourself in night!

Now that we have that cleared up, Let’s chat a little about our weeks.
How has your week been? Anything exciting happen? Anything you need prayer for?
Leave me a message in the comments or email me (

My week has been pretty busy. It was not supposed to be that way but life happens and things get crazy.

Monday started with meal planning, grocery shopping, then babysitting in the afternoon. Let me tell you my weekly babysitting has cured my baby fever. I get the baby smells, coo’s and giggles, cuddles, and sleep at night. Did you catch that, I get to sleep at night. It’s the best of both worlds. baby snuggles by day –> sleep at night.

Tuesday was meal prep day. It used to be my least favorite day but since discovering podcasts I do not mind it at all. I also had to take our car to an unplanned trip to the body shop because it started to leak gas… How rude!

Wednesday we were down to one car because of our rude vehicle. But life goes on, hubby was able to work from home so I could use our other car to run errands and make it to appointments. I had my 3 month check up with my GI doctor. Since the last few months have been less than good in the crohn’s department my doctor and I had some pretty deep discussions on what to do next. By the end of the appointment we tweaked a few meds, added a new one and have a plan for if that all fails. If after 8 weeks I am not feeling greatly better than we call it quits and do a full medication overhaul and start new. That plan terrifies me and gives me hope that that is a plan b. Would you pray with me that things improve and I will find direction and ways to better manage my health. My Wednesday ended with a surprise birthday party for a very sweet friend.

Thursday was my day to catch up on life. I skipped BSF due to feeling overwhelmed with my to do list. My day home actually worked out well because my son got sick at school and had to come home early. I ended up taking him to the doctor because he keeps getting frequent headaches, stomach aches and fatigue. We left with a diagnosis of migraines and orders too see an eye doctor for glasses.

pancake cupcake

So here we are back again at Friday. Hubby and I have a fun little outing planned. He is taking me to a cupcake shop called The Salted Cupcake we just found out about. I am so looking forward to trying these gourmet treats. I have to admit I am having a little bit of anxiety over which flavors to try. I wonder how many different cupcakes I can eat in one sitting. I mean they get cheaper the more you buy so really I am just trying to save money. Wish me luck.

Have a blessed Friday friends. Take some time and reflect on the last year. Get your heart right and focus on the importance of today, Good Friday.
I wanted to share a little about what today means to me.
Today is Good Friday.
Good Friday is the day Christ died on the cross, the Friday before Easter. As the most somber day in the Christian calendar, it is a day for prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross. Since Christ’s death on the cross is central to the Christian faith, the events of that day should be ever on our minds. We observe Good Friday with a subdued evening service, remembering the night of Christ’s death.
The Bible passages for Good Friday can be found in Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19.

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