finding my “brand” … {part 2}

finding my "brand"

i was blessed by such positive feedback from the post finding my “brand” …{ part 1 }
(you can find it here).
thank you everyone!

i eagerly anticipated writing post 2.
once i started to write I concluded
it’s going to take me an entire post to describe how I narrowed down my fonts.

Let’s the game begin…
or something like that

i shared in part one that i created a Pinterest board of inspiration
that was no different when choosing my fonts
initially i created a board of just random fonts i found online.

Yeah that’s pretty much overwhelming
I’d like to call this board font vomit
This board made me get an anxious and start to hyperventilate
time to take a step back..

I really had to envision my overall brand look based on my final inspiration board
so side-by-side with my overwhelming font board and my final inspiration board i was able to narrow down the fonts that i felt worked best with my brand.

I created a smaller font board based on the ones that I like
whether or not they were going to work for my brand or on the blog

ahh.. that’s a lot easier to work with!

For my brand’s logo i knew that the PEARL font was going to be the most important
it would be the one that would never change.
After looking over my final inspiration board I noticed that stripes and dots were very prominent .

i saw that there was a perfect striped font for my logoon the final font board

i instantly felt like “this was it”..
it was clean block-ie and had stripes
Check, check, check

when originally re-branding, my blog was just going to be named PEARL
and i really liked that
i felt passionate about the word pearl.for my blog
it was based on the Bible verse that I chose during the influence conference.
(more on that later)

after referencing the blog by name a few times
i didn’t like the one syllable sound of it
so i decided to add “the” before it
I know, that’s never been before, i am a genius

from time to time I like to refer to it as the PEARL blog.
oh yeah getting crazy with 3 syllables!

this helps me distinguish between the PEARL blog the PEARL design and the PEARL simply created shop
moving on…

I needed a font that would work well for the in my header
the font needed to be contrasting to the PEARL font.

I wanted something curly but not too girly and also needed to be easy to read.

I decided on the front Clementine sketch
I like the script look of it but it has a very unique feel.
It’s easy to read and it stands out

i’ve added the bible reference John 15:5-17 to my blog header
i knew that this Bible verse and my signature should be a similar front
i needed something close to the PEARL logo font but more narrow
i chose mayonnaise. i love that it is similar to VILLADIDOT
it has a similar stripes but it looks nice in a small font size.

this all being said I know I mentioned that two or three fonts is what is recommended
i felt like the three fonts that I chose were not good for my post body text
and i like to be a rebel and chose a fourth font.
I wanted a font that worked well for the body of a post as well as graphics
something that was simple, clean, and easy for anybody to read, wasn’t trendy, and would always be around

thanks to Aimee of for the amazing recommendation
this may be my new favorite font of all time.
Who knew something so simple would seem so eye-catching.

what do you think?
do they work together?
i would love to hear your suggestions or criticism.
coming up next will be part three of finding my brand
choosing my layout, sidebar elements, and how to add color when using a black-and-white brand logo.


***again these ideas on how to brand are not mine, Haley Morgan’s no-brainer blog book was my guide. this blog series is to share the process i went on following the steps Hayley set for us! ***

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  1. Great thoughts! Re-branding is a huge ordeal! Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂


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