find refuge in God at lent #5

God is our refuge lent

Today starts week two of Lent. I feel like God is trying to teach me a lot about what it means to be a Christian in a fallen world.

How are things going so far?

  1. Are you praying for your 3 unbelievers?
  2. Fasting from anything?
  3. Felt led to give?

My check-in:

  1. I honestly have not been great at praying for my 3 but am going to ramp it up.
  2. I am fasting from “scrolling”. What that means is scrolling through social media feeds ie: facebook, twitter, google +, instagram, and pinterest.
  3. The Lord has not yet made it clear to me on what giving looks like at this moment.

This week we are going to dig into 1 Peter chapter one

1 Peter 1:2 lent

What is first Peter about?
First Peter is an epistle (letter) for those who suffer as righteous servants of Christ. Peter’s text was written to give assurance in time of trial and suffering. First Peter anchors Christian’s hope on the unparalleled (exceptional) sacrifice of Jesus Christ who suffered for us. He provides an example of suffering for believers to follow.

I would love for you to find time today and read through this chapter. Through out the week we will discuss:

  • Who we are in Christ
  • What is our responsibility as Christians
  • What are the benefits of being called God’s child
  • What praises can we sing
  • scripture to meditate on

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  1. This is a great scripture. I look forward to your post this week! So glad I found this spot
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