filling up on words

filling up on words

Do you ever feel so full after finishing a good book?  LIke there is not anymore more room for one more word, yet you don’t want to let go of any of a single one.

I have that feeling right now. I recently finished reading five books that I know God wanted me to read.

Three of the books were fiction but they were all so full of God. So full of words I needed to hear/read. So full of stories that felt personal.

Each chapter would begin to peel another layer of my insecurities away. I felt  like each store had glimpses of my life intertwined within.

Today I find myself sitting in the library, staring at shelves of books, trying to hear God whisper which direction I should go. What should I read next? What do I need to hear in order to become less?

Along with the fiction books I have been reading, I am getting a full dose of slap in your face devotion time each day.

I am so in love with the IF:Equip daily reading, journaling, and podcasts.

It’s been so great for my heart and my soul to follow along and join in the discussions with other ladies who are also seeking to grow closer to God and have a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.

As summer vacation soon begins for my kids this precious time with Jesus is going to be needed more and more. I am going to need to fill myself with Jesus before I can give any part of me to my kids.

What is filling you right now? DO you have a must read book recommendations?

You can find me on goodreads, i just joined.

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  1. Joanna T. says:

    “What do I need to hear in order to become less?”– love that! Good reminder to have a teachable heart, and to look and listen for Him speaking. Makes me want to go find a new book!

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