{ Fat } Friday…

I am helpless
I am a plain lazy person
I am not saying this to get sympathy
I am saying this to be real, honest, accountable

I have yet to work out.
I keep making more excuses

Last week I vowed to pray and seek God in accomplishing my goal
I had every intention on doing it

I just got “busy”

and now there are others who are joining me
joining me in my { Fat Friday } weigh ins
People who are serious about reaching their goals
people like { Nina } who are just beginning the WW train and determined to stay on track
people like { Michelle } who are dropping the pounds fast

and now I need to step up my game.
not to compete but to be accountable
to stop making excuses and to participate in the {Fat Friday} weigh in
the way we are supposed to
having tried to lose the pounds!

This bloggy butt is growing and I don’t want to become that mom
that mom that just sits on the bench and watches her kids play
not because she wants to
but because she has to, she is to heavy/lazy to get up.

On to this weeks digits:

obviously I have a lot of work to do.
I gained back last weeks 1.5 loss.

Now to go and drink my breakfast
Costco weight loss shake
and then I’ll take the kiddos for a walk this afternoon.

thanks for all the support and encouragement you have been sending my way each Friday.
Until next time…

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  1. Hang in there with me girls… Serious! We need each other to keep this up! It’s all about what you put in your mouth. Exercise is a bonus and makes you feel good.
    Don’t think I could do this if I had a little one to look after too so I understand. I’m rootin for us all!

  2. Oh girl, I feel ya! Exercise is always the hardest part for me. I’m alone with LJ all day…when am I’m supposed to work out? I used to take him on walks but he’s decided he hates them and screams. Awesome.

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