Experience Christmas Devotional

Experience Christmas Devotional book review

Oh man I am so excited to share with you this amazing devotional
(no I was not paid to write this post, I am truly just excited about it)

My dear friend Christine Trevino, wrote this devotional and I could not be more proud of her for using the gifts God has given her to help further His kingdom.

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One of the main things that hit home for me as I was working through this devotional was believing in the idea of thin places.

“Heaven and earth, the Celtic saying goes, are only three feet apart,
but in thin places that distance is even shorter.” – ERIC WEINER
I love that the Celtics describe thin places as being spaces where
heaven and earth are nearer; places where I think it becomes possible
for both worlds to intersect. In my own experience, those places are
almost always life-changing


There has been so many times in my life that I have been in these “thin places”.
Times when I could actually feel the presence of God and hear his whispers of comfort and truth.
Often times we lose sight of those thin places especially when the business of life gets in the way.
This is even more true during the Christmas season.

As you slowly walk through the Experience Christmas devotional God will reveal himself to you.
You will find characters in His stories that you can relate to.
I love the idea of vignettes that are sprinkled through out the devotional.

vignettes are:
Leaning heavily on the truth told in the Scriptural narrative, with an
understanding of the social and cultural context in which these
people lived, these vignettes seek to engage the reader by
considering the humanity that can be found within their stories.
Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, the shepherds, and the wise men were all
real people, and their experience of the first Christmas unfolded in
real time, much like the events of our own lives. Before these people
were revered as holy characters in the divine narrative, they were
ordinary people who experienced reality with honest emotions.
Just like us

I hope that like for me, this devotional will help you slow down and take time to reflect on Jesus and his life, and what that means for you individually.

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