Ever have a hair cut you hated…I got my hair cut today

Have you ever had a hair cut you just hated?
One that when you left the salon you knew it was a mistake
when you did not want to go home and show your family.
I did that one too many times.
{ enter worst hair cut }
Yeah I tried to play it off like this was cool. 
Umm not so much! 
Today I could not stand my hair any longer. 
it had been since Dec 24th since my last hair cut. 
So I called the salon,
the one where my super awesome cute friend works.
and made an appointment for today! 
Here are some before pictures
I know it’s not the worst grow-out (is that even a term?) I have had but
when I can put it in a pony tail
it’s gotta go…
My friend knows exactly what to do with my hair. 
She asks “short?”
I answer “yes please!”
and off she goes with the scissors
10 pounds of hair later
yes my hair is that thick
I leave looking like this!
I so love it too, as always! 
Let’s see a little side by side of before and after shall we:
** disclaimer I went all natural in both sets of pictures…no makeup today folks!
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  1. I love salon days, and love it even more when it turns out good!
    I’ve had waaaayyy to many bad cuts.
    You look super cute!

  2. Nothing better then a good haircut! I’m likein it! I’m also loving that you took the pics with no makeup! If I looked that good with out it I would never put it on again.! Love the red necklace.

  3. Very cute! I’m a long hair person myself but usually once it finally starts getting long I end up getting it cut LOL

  4. Much better & very cute on you :). I haven’t had mine cut cut in a year because last time the girl did my layers without parting my hair like I do so I had layers on one side and the other side not so much..it was not a cheap hair cut either! lol

  5. I really like your new cut. 🙂

    btw, i am not getting notifications of your new post… im not sure if there is anything i need to do to get them in my blogs.

  6. looks great girl!

  7. Super cute lady!! I really like it!! When I was in middle school I had the same prob! The hair dresser would cut my bangs (back when they were in style of course!) WAY too SHORT!!

  8. Lookin’ good! I haven’t had a decent haircut since I quit working in a salon. Sighhhh

  9. Looks cute!

    It’s now officially been a year & a half since I’ve had my hair cut. I’m so ready for a trim, but too lazy to just go get it done! 🙂

  10. I think it’s really cute! I love it! I had some really bad hair cuts back in high school…think “Sally Jessie Rafael.” Yup, bad news.

  11. I love it! And I love your necklace!!!

  12. Not the cutest I’ve ever seen your hair. I’m sure once YOU do it, it will look better. Sorry. I’ve never had a really terrible haircut, but I did get half my eyebrow waxed off. That was abosolutely horrible! Love you!

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