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emily anderson

today’s modern day “she is”, always brings a smile to my face. She has such a heart to serve others. She is Emily Anderson.

1 Peter 4:10
God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

emily blogs over at the anderson crew. she shares her family with us in all it’s messy, busy, loveliness. emily’s obedience to serve others is transparent and real. She followed God’s plan and adopted, she is a co-host of a few women’s retreats. the flourish retreat, and hope spoken. Casey Wiegland guest posted over here, back in april sharing about hope spoken. I shared with you that i really wanted to attend this retreat. but i, at the time thought the Lord was going to have me attend, the influence conference instead. As you all know, God said know to influence this year. He had planned for me to attend a local retreat, which i am very grateful for! imagine my surprise when a friend called me and asked if i wanted to attend hope spoken with her. Um, yes i answered, but there are no tickets left, i have not prayed about it and it would cost me 900.00 to attend. yes you read that right 900.00. (ticket + flight + hotel = a lot of money ha!) anyway. i am praying that if the Lord wants me to to go HE WILL provide the funds, through gifts, donations, ect. all that to say, i really hope that i get to see emily in person again in march! i digress.

Sarcastic, compassionate, feisty, helper, hippie-at-heart – her words, not mine, but i totally agree! When i met emily last year at the influence conference i may or may not have been star struck. she was so welcoming of my creepy stalker actions that i forgot how much of a rock star she was. she made me feel welcomed, like i was a long time friend. Em’s, yeah we are close like that, right?!?, passion for serving is not something she does to earn jewels or praises, she does it out of true submission to her Father.

emily anderson

1 Timothy 5:10
She must be known for her good works—works such as raising her children, welcoming strangers, washing the feet of God’s people, helping those in trouble, and giving her life to do all kinds of good deeds.

I think this verse encompasses what i would want you to know about emily. although don’t read into it. it does not say “she boasts about her good works, she is a perfect mother, she never gets upset, she is the martha stewart of hosting, she is so wealthy that she throws money at the poor as she walks by carrying her anthropology filled bags.” no, she is child of God seeking after His heart, and serving those that God loves to the best of her ability. using the gifts that God has given her.

the anderson crew

grab some coffee, and a snack and head over to visit emily at the anderson crew now!

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