Embrace Life’s Little Messes

embrace Life's little messes

As a stay-at-home-working-mom, (try and figure that one out), I often feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the amount of housework that needs to be done. When you are in the house all day with 3 four year old girls, you start to feel like picking up is all you will ever be able to do. Whether it be, barbies, blocks, cars, my little ponies, dress up clothes, or cookie crumbs, there is always something to be picked up. Slowly but surly I am learning to embrace life’s little messes, and big ones too!

barbies on the couch

God is reminding me daily to be joyful in all my duties. Sometimes as Mom’s I think we get caught up in the mundane tasks in front of us. It’s hard to see the beauty in the mess.

laundry to be put away

There are some chores I despise more than others, and each day that hated chore is different. It depends on how well we all slept, our plans for the day, and honestly my attitude. Laundry is my number one hated task. However I do enjoy a good movie while folding. it’s the putting away that gets me.

dirty dishes in the dishwasher

It’s the never ending crumbs on the floor that I will never understand. I swear I remind the littles constantly to eat over the counter or face the table when eating but some how food always ends up on the floor.

kid crumbs

Let’s get real for minute here. Do you ever clean only the most noticeable area instead of the whole thing. Let me be more specific. Do you ever just sweep one part of the kitchen floor and not the whole room. What?!? I know I am not alone here ladies. There are times when I do not want to get out the broom and sweep the whole kitchen floor. I hate moving the table and chairs and checking all the Connors. Call me lazy, I call it time management. Enter Swiffer Sweep & Trap.

It’s new at Target and uses rotating blades to pick up large particles and flicks them into a dirt bin while the attached Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps dirt, dust and hair that brooms can leave behind. This innovative combination cleans up big and small messes in a single swipe, so you can embrace life’s little messes.

Swiffer Sweep & Trap
Swiffer Sweep & Trap

1. open Swiffer Sweep & Trap and place dry cloth inside 2. push dry cloth into tabs 3. flip over and pull dry cloth forward 4. push dry cloth into front tabs

Now sweep. I used my Swiffer Sweep & Trap to clean under the little girls seats after lunch. Yes that mess is from one day of breakfast and lunch. eeek.

dirty floor

before and after swiffer

You see that before and after? I know, looks great, doesn’t it? I had to go over the area a few times as the Swiffer Sweep & Trap did not get it all the first time around. But for the majority of the mess it was a perfect little tool. *I did use a broom to get the dirt from the corners. Usually I would not when only using the Swiffer Sweep & Trap*

Look at all the lovey food I picked up. I think we have enough for lunch in here. Captain crunch anyone?

swiffer trap full

The trap is easy to remove and empty. I keep this in my pantry closet so it’s right near the daily mess. Unlike my broom which is in the half bath.

If you want to try a Swiffer Sweep & Trap you can head to Target and grab one. Before you go, you better get this sweet deal first: Get $2 off of a Swiffer Sweep & Trap starter kit at Target.com by going to http://clvr.li/1dPxU3G and entering coupon code TGTBBAGU. Offer is only valid through 2/28/14 at Target.com

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  1. That is a super nifty new Swiffer! I can’t wait to find that in my local grocery store. 🙂
    Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest recently posted..Muse Unexpected by V.C. Birlidis ReviewMy Profile

  2. Constant kid crumbs- that’s my life, too. I love this new Swiffer.

  3. Oh I need one of these! Why are kids so messy? Good thing they’re cute 🙂
    Christina S recently posted..10 Things I Would Tell 16 Year-Old MeMy Profile

  4. I told my husband just the other day “Forget the flowers – get me a Swiffer” lol So many crumbs! And little dust bunnies. They are everywhere.
    Kenda Smith recently posted..365 Sweet Swaps: Let’s Talk Easy Lifestyle ChangesMy Profile

  5. Eliz Frank says:

    Your space looks fine considering how much more messy kids can be. I do like the swifter and the ads show it does great clean up.

  6. I’ve seriously been considering getting one of these! Great for those after meal messes, especially since we don’t have a dog anymore!
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted..7 DIY Home Decor IdeasMy Profile

  7. Of household tasks, laundry is actually one that I like. I just love the way it smells. Like you, though, I hate putting it away.

  8. Oh those little crumbs.. man I hate sweeping everyday. I need that Swiffer!
    Candy Olivares @ Candypolooza recently posted..Spinning for ResultsMy Profile

  9. I need to get a swiffer! We don’t have very many non-carpeted floors, so it would be perfect for us.
    Toni recently posted..Dare To Believe! #FaithMy Profile

  10. Yeah, I am 100% buying that the next time I’m at Target. Seriously. My son makes such a mess & while my dog happily cleans some of it, it’s definitely not enough!
    Shell Feis recently posted..Make Love Not War with AXE Peace® Deodorant at WalgreensMy Profile

  11. Good thing with all that crumb dropping that you have a sweeper to help. It picks up well!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Healthy Snack Alternatives to Junk Food for KidsMy Profile

  12. I’m definitely getting this Swiffer this weekend. We were already in need of a new one (our old one lasted several years, but it’s past its prime.)
    Jaime recently posted..Friday 5My Profile

  13. Drat those kid crumbs! Love that swiffer takes care of life’s little messes.
    Jennifer Bullock {MommyBKnowsBest} recently posted..Why I’d Rather Build My Daughters’ Self Esteem than Buy a MagazineMy Profile

  14. I really need to give Swiffer another look. Trying to lug a big mop to clean two small rooms is not as sexy as it sounds. This sounds and looks so much more convenient.
    Raya recently posted..The Giver Book ReviewMy Profile

  15. I love to clean and I love it when they make great products to help me keep my house clean. This swifter is something I haven’t seen yet and so I will have to get my hands on it.
    Pam recently posted..Never Lose Your Stuff SweepstakesMy Profile

  16. I think I would Swiffer more with this option, though I feel like it’s a neverending battle. So many crumbs!
    Triplezmom recently posted..Friday I’m in Love: My Mom Is A BadassMy Profile

  17. We have a breakfast bar like that too. Instead of stools though, it’s a big bench. The food, crumbs, and God knows other things that end up down there are ridiculous!
    Hanan recently posted..Healthy Alternatives to Kids’ Favorite “Junk Food” SnacksMy Profile

  18. Under my kitchen bar always looks like that too. Kids are such messy eaters!
    Janel recently posted..5 Tips to Simplify Laundry DutyMy Profile

  19. I really need one of these! I have 3 dogs that shed like crazy and drop dog food all over the house. This would definitely make clean up easier!
    Theresa recently posted..Target Breakfast Twist #PlatefullCoOp #SponMy Profile

  20. As a Mom to three including 1 year old twins learning to eat – I NEED this! This would be used daily in our house, off to check it out!
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  21. I use a Swiffer almost every day as it is, but I think having the trap on there will make cleaning all that much easier! Great idea.

  22. I am a good cook, crafter, organizer, party planner, etc BUT I am horrible at cleaning!! That is why I love swiffers, so quick and easy. I keep seeing posts about the new one and need to try it out!!
    Mandy@ TheHouseholdHero.com recently posted..Easy St. Patrick’s Themed Crafts & Food for ToddlersMy Profile

  23. I owned a Swiffer a long time ago and stopped using it….not sure why. Thank you for this review!
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  24. WOW! This is awesome!!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting
    Danielle recently posted..What’s In A Name?My Profile

  25. Oh my gosh, I NEED one of these!! Wow!
    amber.m recently posted..Tuesday means Giveaway.My Profile

  26. I have wanted to try one of these for awhile – I feel your pain with the crumbs. With 3 kids who are oblivious to crumbs it becomes a serious problem around here.
    Summer recently posted..Simple Dr Seuss Cupcake IdeaMy Profile

  27. I really try to be green as much as possible but I can’t get rid of my Swiffer. Ever.
    Deb recently posted..Memory Lane Monday- The dirty book, part 2My Profile

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