eating well on a budget…

Like most people we are trying to watch how we spend our money.
Lately we noticed are spending over our budgeted amount in the food area.
By food area I mean all grocery items (including health and Beauty products), eating out, and going to get togethers.

I wanted to try and be a better grocery shopper but I knew that would start with meal planning.
I was a huge couponer back in the day, before extreme couponing.
I am a  firm believe that that show ruined our sweet deals.
Needless to say I still save my weekly coupon fliers and plan to use them for free or close to free items that I find.

But as for our main grocery shopping I am going to try Aldi only shopping.
I found this great website called Momsavers 
I came across a post that showed one woman’s aldi shopping for the week, grocery list and meal plan. I thought hey I should try that.

So I carefully made out my list, or I copied hers, does it really matter!
I spent more than the $50.00 she said it would be because I bought multiples of most items she listed, along with TP, paper towel, lots of fresh fruit and some snacks for the kids.
I only spent $89.00 though and that’s pretty impressive for me.

for that amount of money I was able to get enough food to make breakfast and lunch for the kids for over a week.
plus the following dinners…(i even bought double to make some meals twice)

  1. Roasted Chicken, potato, and greens beans
  2. Pasta with homemade marinara sauce, salad, garlic bread ( x 2 dinners)
  3. Chicken and smoked sausage Jambalaya (x 2 dinners)
  4. Spanish Omelets, maple sausage
  5. Turkey burgers
  6. Sloppy Joe pasta bake
  7. Mexican lettuce wraps
  8. Quesadillas
  9. Italian crock pot chicken
  10. Mini chicken pot pies
  11. Ground Beef ragout
  12. chicken ranch tacos

I can not tell you how excited I am about my new planning. it was not stressful and I felt like I got good quality food today.

Let be honest for minute
there are one foods I will NOT substitute,
Kraft Mac and Cheese
I am not stuck on labels but there is no substitute in the taste for this at all! 

If you want to join me in this money saving plan here is the pinned i used

Do you have any great budget meal ideas?
what websites help you.. 

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