Dyeing pants with Rit dye…

I bought a pair of pants at goodwill about 3 years ago..
I have always wanted a pair of white pants but have not been brave enough to wear them.
for 3.99 I figured i could not lose, even if i only wore them once.
and once is about how many times i wore them..
I felt like i stood out in them..
way too much white for me.

I could not part with them though.. not really sure why..
then this year the newest trend was colored pants..
again i was scared to buy some if i would never wear them..
but why not dye my white pants..

I went to our local grocery store and they carry rit dye..
I chose purple..and for only 3.99 i could not say no..

if it did not work out at least on was only wasting 7.98 (cost of pants and dye)
I wanted them to be dark so i decided to dump in the WHOLE bottle of color..

I let them boil the required time, rinsed them and then gasped..
I accidently had one of the legs twisted and it came out tie dyed.. Great..
since i used the whole bottle I was stuck…
off to the store i went to get another bottle of dye..
so much for 8.00 pants..

after a good untangling of the pant legs I reboiled them in 1/2 a bottle of dye..
and then washed and dryed them..
I could not be happier with the color..

My next step is turn them into skinny pants..
now what to do with the other half of the dye…

I am on the look out for a few more pairs of thrifted white pants..
I want one pair in each of the following colors…

If you are looking for some fun dye job projects Rit has a pinterest board and blog that is full of ideas..

Rit does not know I am sharing their product.. they might actually be upset at my mistake! Ha
the opinions are mine and i wanted to share because I loved the dye and its ease of use!


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