Does it ever end…

A couple of years ago we decided to get rid of all the carpet in our house!
Now we are laminate and hard wood people.

Our living room went from this:

To this:

To this…

and now with a little touch of this…

Our kitchen has gone from

to this…

now with these floors…

So what is the point to my ramblings and endless amount of photos here…

Well I love my floors.
I love the colors in the wood,
I love how they are dark and unique.
I do however hate that everything
I mean everything shows up on them.
Dust, string, fuzzies, crumbs, ect…
I have to sweep everyday,
sometimes 2-3 times just to keep them looking clean
Do I actually sweep/vacuum everyday?
I think not!

Let me show you what skipping ONE day looks like

Here is a before and after of under my kitchen table

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  1. I love your dark hard wood! We are in the process of ripping out all our nasty carpet from our 1940’s home and putting in hard wood (well, not real hard wood, laminate flooring that LOOKS like wood) and it’s a lot of work, but MAN does it look so much cleaner and nicer. Until the kids get through eating, like you pointed out in your pics. :0)

  2. It all looks fabulous! I’m right there with you, I sweep constantly! ugh

  3. My kitchen floor always has food on it. It gets swept at night, when I know no one is going to be dumping food on the ground for a few hours! : )

    I’m not getting your posts in my dashboard for some reason. : (

  4. Love your floors! we had all laminate that we put in our other house and the dark ones we had in our bedroom showed everything just like your floors it was not fun. I was so happy that I put light in the main living space except we have a black lab so i was sweeping like twice a day. but I loved them…no stained carpet, spill something just wipe it right up plus they were pretty lol.

  5. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I absolutely LOVE, love, LOVE your floors! And the backsplash in your kitchen is fantastic too. But I agree, the laminate floors show absolutely everything. It’s bad enough already with just us & the dog, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when our little guy gets here!

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