DIY feather turkey

DIY feather turkey #turkeyscape
This post is a post is sponsored by Joann Fabrics. I was given free materials in exchange for writing a DIY tutorial. all opinions are true and 100% mine

Jo-Ann’s challenged me this month to create a #turkeytablescapes. My first thought was eeeek, i never decorate with turkeys and definitely did not want a childish looking piece of poultry sitting in the center of my table. as always my first instinct is to search pinterest for ideas, BUT i held back and stopped. I wanted to create something completely different this month. so off with one idea, turkey feathers, i headed to Jo-Ann for inspiration. after a little browsing, my idea for little tom soon came to life. check out my DIY feather turkey


supplies needed:
paper mache ball; loose feathers; feather stem x 2; pine cone; mod podge; tulip bead paint; paint brush; glue gun / glue sticks; scissors; saw; pliers

creating the body: (supplies used-ball, loose feathers, paint brush, mod podge)
prep your loose feathers by cutting the thickest part of the stem off, yes this creates a fluffy mess but it helps the feathers lay nice.
using your paint brush apply a think layer of mod podge to the paper mache ball and gentle pat the feathers on to the glue

repeat until the ball is covered in feathers, while allowing this to dry we will move on. (i used a mason jar lid to prevent the ball from rolling around)

creating the pine cone base: (supplies used – pine cone, pliers, saw)
using your pliers remove the top half of the “petals” of your pine cone, carefully as to not break them all. next use your saw to cut off the pine cone leaving you with a flat base.

(you can skip the saw step if using a different object for your base)

creating the beak: (supplies used-paint brush, tulip bead paint, pine cone petals)
choose two “petals” of similar size, paint them the gold color. allow to dry about 5-10 minutes

hot glue your beak to the body of Tom, using the same paint color dot on two eyes

i also used the copper color in my paint pack to paint the under chin hanging thing – not sure technical name lol

we are almost done, hang on for a few more minutes, you got this. hot glue the Tom’s body to your pine cone base. i used a few extra pine cone petals to fill in the gap around the body

you might notice Tom is not very stable at this point, but dont fret, the next step will take care of that.

attaching tom’s tale: (supplies used – feather stems, glue gun)
using your pliers shorten the feather stems, crisscross the feather stems making sure the ends of the stems are even, add a dab of hot glue on toms back where you want the feathers to rest. hold your tale on the table and slowly move it to the body of your turkey making sure they are evenly on the table. place the feathers on the glue dot and reinforce with extra glue if needed.


and that’s it, your done.

DIY feather turkey

#turkeytablescapes joanss

I have a whole tablescape planned around tom, later this week i will show it off to you.

and because Jo-Ann’s loves you. here is a coupon!

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This post is a post is sponsored by Joann Fabrics. I was given free materials in exchange for writing a DIY tutorial. all opinions are true and 100% mine

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