DIY decorative balls

DIY Decorative Balls

I have been searching high and low for organic looking decorative balls to put in a cute bowl in y living room. Before you say it, yes I know they sell them everywhere but I wasn’t willing to pay an arm and leg for them. and again before you say it, 10.00 is a lot for 4 balls to me. Of course the frugal girl in me insisted I DIY the decorative balls instead!

moving on.

I knew there had to be a way to create my own. When I saw the moss at the dollar store it was like a light bulb turned on. I am not talking about a dim soft white bulb, no I am talking about a crisp clean GE Reveal type bulb. Yeah that bright.

I gathered most of my materials from the Dollar Tree. No they are not paying me to say that, they do not even know I am sharing this post.

decorative ball supples

{Dollar Tree} 1 bag of split peas (already being used in a vase at home)
{Dollar tree} 2 packs of three plastic baseballs
{Dollar tree} 1 thing of twine
{Dollar Tree} 1 bag of moss
{my house} corn for feeding animals
{my house} glue gun, glue sticks, scissors

I started with the twin ball first. I used Vanessa’s tutorial to figure out the best way to start wrapping the twine. She’s brilliant and it worked out perfect.
I wrapped 2 balls in twine

Dollar store home decor

I poured some of my split peas out of the vase, from my shelf, into a plastic container. I smeared 2×2 in sections of hot glue onto the ball and then smashed it into the container of peas. I repeated the process until most of the ball as covered. I added extra dabs of glue here and there to fill in blank spots.
I only covered one ball in peas

Using the same technique I glued the corn to another ball. This time after the first layer was glued on I covered the ball again in another layer of corn.
I covered one ball in corn

pottery barn knock off decorative balls

I then opened up the moss from the bag and started breaking it apart. I didn’t want big chunks of stems to be on the balls. After the moss was separated I started gluing the moss to the ball patting it down as I went along. Once the entire ball was covered in moss, and there was no white showing I began trimming the crazy moss hair. I wanted to make sure it was all the same length.
I covered 2 balls in moss

I took the 6 balls and added them to a wire basket I purchased at Hobby Lobby, that now sits on my living room table. 

organic decor balls

(I have twine, moss, peas, and corn left over, I could actually cover about 6 more balls with my left over supplies) I have already used the moss for my DIY succulent planter, and added twine to some flower vases, I even put moss inside a few mini vases for added color. So even though I spent 5.00 on supplies I only used about half, making my 6 balls $2.50. BAM, that’s what I am talking about.

spring home decor

Alright your turn, make some decorations and then show them off. Leave a link in the comments so I can see what you have been up to.

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